Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

I’m alive and I will survive


Me too.

I worked off the grid yesterday with a friend of mine doing a road show at Costco.  They’re distributing these bars called Fresh Energy.  They gave me about a case of different flavors to check out before I worked with them.  As a powerlifter and as a cyclist I’ve gone through tons of energy/protein/meal replacement bars.  My original trainer back in San Francisco in the mid 90’s got me using Power Bars before I worked out.  All these years later, I use Power Bars on long bike rides as they hold the best in the heat and digest quickly.  The Fresh Energy bars are awesome meal replacement and great before the gym or a bike ride.  With the coating you can’t take them on a ride, but they’re great before one.  They actually taste good.  I’ve suffered through tons of bars that have that protein aftertaste that’s just awful.  These don’t have it.  So it was a riot to watch these people stop and taste them and then do a double take.  We had eight flavors out.  Three had more than 23g of protein.  I think we did pretty good yesterday.  Me and my rag tag buddy beat the team in Richmond.  We were in San Francisco and it was a tough crowd.  Easily half the crowd didn’t understand a single word we said.  But we got a lot of people who worked out and understood what we were talking about and that was really cool.  I met a nice young man who’s riding a century in Union City, I can’t remember when, coming up sometime.  He got them and I know he’ll be back.  He got it.  It was hard work, but it was fun.  And it’ll pay for a bag of dog food, a tank of gas and some groceries and that’s what I need to get to my next closing, which hopefully will occur next Friday.

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  • The Truth

    How can I get ahold of you or your company regarding your new venture as an REO realtor? I am a former title company employee (victim of Huauptman’s) and have been following the post regularly. I have been reading about a lot of your REO and boarding issues and just got a job for a company that has a uniques security product designed just for REO/ realtor vacant property needs and would like to get in touch. Us ex-title folks need to help each other out! haha

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