When in doubt, forge forward.

Down on the Farm 

I’ve pretty much run out of time.  I’ve done all that I can do in the amount of time I have.  I lost a tremendous amount of time with Saturday’s airless sprayer debacle.  For what it cost me in time and money, I probably should have just rolled the SOB.  So much for Monday morning quarterbacking.  So the bathroom is a shell.  No toilet, no vanity, no shower AND no paint.  I realized yesterday that I forgot to paint it.  On the upside, Tile Guy helped me install the new oven and microwave hood combination.  They went in nearly perfectly, with the noted exception of a 45 minute trip to Bill’s Ace is the Place to get exactly two lag screws.  Today cost $.57, time expending figuring out what size we needed, 40 minutes.  Today the carpet is going in.  I wanted all the painting done before the carpet when it, that makes sense, but I forgot to paint one of the rooms, so I’ll have to do that, I don’t know, later.  In the end, the decision I made was to pack my existing house and move in and deal with the rest when I got there.  There is a working toilet and sink there.  No shower.  I do belong to a gym and a friend has offered her house as they are out of town.  I just can’t stand two screwed up houses, two cars full of crap and a desk at work loaded down.  So yesterday I worked like a dog and cleaned up my desk at work.  Then last night I cleaned up the Farm a little.  Then this morning I tore up the house I’m living in, filling numerous boxes and packing Granny’s china.  I think I have a plan.  Get the house I live in ready for the movers and make them take everything over to the farm.  Clean that house and walk away, then all the madness is in one place.  Beauregard is very upset with the boxes in our house.  I told him I needed the boxes so we could go and live at the dog park.


Today is a Spare the Air day.  In conjunction with a waning full moon, this is a recipe for disaster.  It’s nice to not have to pay, but BART is now packed.  What I don’t get is if all these people can get where they’re going today on BART, why aren’t they riding it every day?  That seems to me to be just irresponsible and selfish.  On the other hand, whenever they have a bunch of people on BART who aren’t used to riding BART, it’s amateur hour.  These people come with way too much baggage, sometimes a backpack they knock fellow passengers over with and bad manners.  Cover your face on a crowded train if you’re going to cough or sneeze.  The rest of us really don’t want whatever pestilence you’re carrying.  Still, if you can ride BART today when it’s free, you should ride it every day and do your part to stop this country’s reliance on foreign oil.  Is it really worth the life of an American soldier so you can park your ass solo in your car every day and suck up fossil fuel?

Seen on the street

Part of working downtown is dealing with the bums.  Granted the politically correct term is homeless, but I’ve always just liked bums.  Or hobos.  Anyway, it’s a parade of the usual suspects every day.  Occasionally, there’s a little something special.  Today’s guy had a sign that said:

“Give generously to the United Negro Pizza Fund”

Better than the bums are the street musicians.  There used to be a lady with a keyboard and a Viking hat.  I used to see her everywhere.  Everywhere to the point that I thought I was being stalked.  I don’t know what happened to her, but I haven’t seen her in years now.  There’s the guy that plays bagpipes at lunch down by Peet’s on Market.  There is a steady stream of musicians as you leave BART.  There’s the guy with the mandolin, he’s pretty good.  Occasionally, like today, there’s the Johnny Cash dude.  His vocals are dead on.  Today he was singing “I walk the line”.

A word about Mr. Vick

What this guy does from here is anyone’s guess, but I have to give him credit for stepping up the the plate.  He didn’t use the wiggle words we’re so sick of hearing.  He didn’t say “if I offended anyone”.  He apologized.  He said he did bad things, used bad judgment and let a lot of people down.  He said he needed to grow up.  And not unexpectedly, he found God.  Well, if that’s what it takes, great.  This guy has lost over $150 million dollars over bloodsport.  He was an idiot.  He knows it now.  His sincerity will be evident or not upon his release.  He can start donating time and effort to end the scourge of dogfighting.  He can be the sort of role model that he should have been all along.  Or he can be a dumb ass.  Time will tell if he really is sincere or not, but I give him credit for ditching the wiggle words and apologizing properly.

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