Bon Mots and Cheap Shots,  Dogs,  Wine of the Day

I don’t have any coherent thoughts today so today will be a collection of random thoughts, links and dog videos.

First off, I’m a big fan of Bloodhound Realty and their strategic marketing plan. I’ve been tailoring it to my own business but the goings been slow because of the REO work we do. (more on that later) I love the strategic marketing plan, don’t love Greg’s politics so much. Can’t understand why a guy that smart can be totally missing the point. If he read me he’d probably feel the same way. Anyway, as always at PBE props where props are due. Today he points to a great article in Rolling Stone and even if I don’t always agree with him, the article is great.

The Brother had a birthday yesterday. I didn’t realize what day it was until I typed the date later in the day or I would have had some sort of you tube in his honor. He put this up last night:

[youtube AOyzPqBYJUg]

Why not. More stupid pet tricks

[youtube KlA4bonXsIs]

If you’ve ever had a greyhound, this makes total sense.

And sometimes there’s events that I just have to get into. Two are coming up. Next Wednesday, well April Fool’s Day is Women in Wine at Prima’s in Walnut Creek. The line up is off the hook. Number one Prima’s is doing the cooking and I love Love LOVE the food a Prima’s. Second Heidi Barrett, Carole Meredith, Linda Novak, Pam Starr, Delia Viader, Laura Catena and Marimar Torres along with twelve of their wines. I must find a way to this event. Wonder if good looks is enough?

The second is a Pinot event called Pinot Noir Summit on April 4. A blind tasting of 32 Pinot Noir’s. Exactly 32. The point is to keep palette fatigue out of the equation. Conceptually, it seems pretty cool. Besides the blind tasting they’ve got workshops going one with some very interesting topics. Terroir is my favorite since I believe that the best wine begins in the field. Anyway, it seems like a very interesting event, definitely downsized in comparison the the Pinot Fest, Zap and PSILY. Looks like the participants are all small producers too. Intriguing event.

And today would be a good day the pick a fight with cancer.  Even $5 helps.

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