Who’d a thunk it?

When I bought new appliances, I was leery of buying Kitchenaid again.  I went around and around with them and the dishwasher at the old house.  I ended up writing 7 on your side and they finally got them to respond, the problem got fixed and they extended the warranty for 3 more years for free.  It was a lot of hassle, but it was also during a corporate merger for them.  So I took my chances, hopefully it will pay off.  Tonight, Tile Guy is going to help me install the oven and microwave.  I was dreading the microwave as it is a ventilation hood  as well.  Well, who’d a thunk it?  It has a recirculating system and does not need to be vented outside.  Really?  I asked when I called them.  Yes, really said the nice lady on the customer service line.  Her husband was equally credulous when faced with the notion of not venting a hood outdoors, but proceeded according to instructions.  It works, he’s happy and we’ll not be venting mine outdoors either.  I’m a little fired up.  Rumor has it the backsplash is half up.  I love it when a plan comes together!

One Market.  Not only is the building the bane of my existence, but it is also the location of the closest Bradley Ogden house to my office.  I love his restaurants.  Love Lark Creek, love Lark Creek Steak, love One Market.  I had a lovely lunch with one of my closest friends there today.  I ordered the melon gazpacho followed by a crab risotto.  Too bad I work for starched shorts title company.  A nice Pinot would have been lovely. 

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