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Got a big day in front of me today. First off a 44 mile ride. This will be the last long ride before the Cinderella on April 4. This will be the first organized, like you pay them money and there’s a lot of other riders there, ride I’ve done since I started cycling three or so years ago. I started out thinking I was just going to ride down to the gym and back in the morning to save on gas and get a little cardio in there. Two years later I sold that bike and got my Roubaix Elite Triple. Trust me, you need the triple around here. I got it on Craig’s list from a guy who was upgrading to the S-Works. He was raising funds by selling off some bikes to attain the holy grail of bicycles in his opinion. The funny part of that story is I’d been called in on the carpet that day by the Amateur (now demoted) Manager and the Winged Monkeys at Bloodless Empire for this very website that day. It was a warning. Their problem was that the entire company was reading PBE. The funny part is I didn’t really pick on them until they “laid me off” which is a pseudonym for silenced, because two days later PBE was banned from their servers. Anywho, I was chatting with the guy I bought the bike from and I said “I really shouldn’t be spending this money, I almost got fired today”. He said “Once you ride this bike you’ll wish you got fired”. And I did. And then they did. And, well, here we are. So today is the taper ride and the Cinderella is in two weeks and I’m a little excited.

Last night I went down to the Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants for their Friday night tasting. It’s the best $5 you can spend in town. Michael Keenan was there with their entire line up, sans the Summer Chardonnay. It’s funny, when I first started going there the ladies asked me what my favorite winery was and I said probably Keenan. Last night after running through their line the ladies cornered me and said “We love your palatte and we want to plan a day trip and go up to Keenan and the Rutherford Grill and a couple of other places”. I thought it was a great compliment. They had some other wines out at another tasting station. The two that impressed me the most were the Lans Rioja Reserva. They were selling it for around $15. Here’s some notes from someone besides me:

#52 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2008

“A silky texture carries expressive flavors of black plum, violet, licorice and smoke in this focused, balanced red. Has good intensity yet remains vibrant and accessible. Drink now through 2012.”

Wine Spectator

OK then.  It’s a Tempranillo.  Screaming little wine.  The other one that caught my interest was the Hob Nob Shiraz.  It had so much vanilla in it that it tasted like vanilla extract.  Wild in a shiraz.  The winery says dark chocolate covered cherry, but really we all got straight up vanilla.  I went right to Cuban food and had to bring home a bottle at $10 to try it out with Cuban food.  Now, what to cook?

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a big fan of the Iditarod.  I follow it every year.  This year has been a tough race.  Terrible conditions have made it more treacherous than normal.  Here’s a great story of a musher who made it to the dance and then bowed out to save her dog’s life.

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  • titleslug

    Tempranillo value; Venta Mazzaron- $11.99 at World Market. Big, white pepper, berry chewy tannins great structure. Pair with hanger steak or tri-tip, chili, gumbo or Cuban. Its all good.

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