As Margo Channing said,

“Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” And bumpy it’s been. First the water heater. Don’t ask me why you can buy one at Home Depot for $270, yet, it cost me $465 with First American’s Home Warranty. That was my part. God only knows what First American paid in addition to the $465. Then I got called on the carpet for being at the house while the water heater boys looked at the leaking hulk and said “Yup, es broke”. Apparently escrow officers require wookies now. Then I soaked the new bathroom, but that was a no harm no foul situation, just a time consuming mess to clean up. Then yesterday, I fired up my airless to paint the living room only to find out that my dear friend who I lent it to, didn’t clean it out like I told him to and it wouldn’t pump paint. So I go down to Wally’s Rentals, where I have rented equipment for 7 years. I rent their airless at $77 per four hours. Except it’s 2:45 and if I keep it over night the charge will be for four and a half hours. Don’t ask the logic to that. The machine is pretty clean and the guy says, bring it back like this or you have to pay the $65 cleaning fee. No worries, I’ll clean it the minute I’m done. So into the house I go, fire this bad boy up, prime it, spit out the water, or so I thought and flip it to run. It proceeds to spray paint and water all over the wall and ceiling. So I spray on the floor a little and it seems good to go, so I hose down the house. I finish at 4:09. I think woo hoo, I can have this thing back by five, I’ll just take it out side, put it in a bucket of water and clean it up. Not so much. Five o’clock came and went and I was still scrubbing. Six o’clock came and went and I was still scrubbing. At seven o’clock I put that bitch in the garage and went home. I could get up the next morning, bring some thinner over there and maybe get it cleaned, if not, the cleaning charge was $65 and if I kept at it like this, I was going to spend at least that to get help to get the rest of the job done. So I go back with the thinner and the paint is even worse and I can’t get it at all. That’s it, I’m done. At 7:55, right before Wally’s opens, I load the thing into my truck ready to pay the $65. I put the truck into gear and I guess I must of left the brake on, it won’t move. No, the brake’s off, I must be in 3rd gear, not 1st…no, I’m in first gear, but now we’re halfway down the block and the truck is listing to the left. $%^$&*%#. The truck has a flat tire. So I call AAA because believe it or not, I’ve never had a flat. Several slow leaks but never a flat. I have never taken the tools out of the truck that came with it in 1994. As a matter of fact, I’ve never operated the jack. Today is not the day to start and now I’m not going to have this thing back to Wally’s by the end of the grace period at 8:30. WRONG! Enter Dave from Concord Tow World. Dude’s got game. I helped with some minor stuff, then I slung the offending wheel into the back of the truck. Dave looks up and says “you’re a savage”. I’m taking that as a compliment. Dave got me to Wally’s by 8:26. So the guy behind the counter saunters out and looks in the back of my truck and slowly pulls the machine out of the truck. Yeah, I know it’s dirty just charge me the $65, it was hot yesterday and the damn thing dried before I got all the paint off. I did run it for two and a half hours and it was pumping out clear water for about an hour so I know the mechanism is clean, I just didn’t have the stuff to get the rest of it clean and I give up, charge me the $65. He’s a complete jerk to me. On one hand he’s treating me like a petulant child. Later I realize, he’s probably just a misogynist son of a bitch. Guys who’s pinnacle in life is to work at a equipment rental operation usually are like that. It’s $65 an hour and it’s going to take at least an hour and a half plus the lacquer thinner at $15 a can to clean this thing up. But the guy yesterday said $65 cleaning fee, not $65 an hour. Well, buddy, you got your $97. I hope the ownership at Wally’s enjoys it, because it is the last $242 I will ever spend with you. Had the guy said, well, anything other than what he did and not copped such an attitude, the situation could have been salvaged, but this guy was a complete ass. After seven years and two remodels, a smarter man would have softpedaled the situation and offered solutions. One would have been, hey, we’re going to charge you $97 for a kid to sit here with lacquer thinner. Would you like to run back to Bill’s Ace is the Place and get some lacquer thinner and clean it a little better so we don’t have to charge you? I probably would have paid the charge, but I wouldn’t be pissed and I would still do business with Wally’s Rentals. But this guy thought being a jerk to me because I’m a woman was a better course. I hope the Wally’s ownership sees this, because Steve, the manager of the Concord store, your a clown.

The fun didn’t stop there today. I actually tripped over my own two feet and went crashing to the ground in the house. Knocked the wind out of myself and everything. Still, at the end of the day: Photojournalism!

Beau waits patiently for Tile Guy to show up and bring his girlfriend Coco.


The kitchen cabinets are coming along, and even getting closer to what I’m looking for


Here’s the paint on the master bedroom. The color is called Quesy, for some bizzaro reason.


And Tile Guy decided on his own little self to do something different in the shower stall. Ain’t it cool? The blue tape will come off when he finished grouting.


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