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Y’all are lucky. I don’t have a damned thing today. Nuthin’, nada. It was going to be dog pictures and a video, but then something came across my radar, so today is going to become a link dump, with dog pictures and a video.

Over at Luxury Home Digest, one of my favorite real estate blogs, this is their offering today. We’ll file it under “Things are tough all over”

Biker down, via one of our favorite biker blogs, Drunk Cyclist. David Meek, totally preventable. To all the asshats out there who think it’s funny to buzz us in the bike lanes, I hope our gentle readers take down your plates and report you before you kill another one of us. Or maybe I hope a bigger bully jacks you up, you impotent piece of shit.

Jon Stewart had Sandra Day O’Connor on the other day. Only 1 in 3 Americans can name the three branches of government. Strangely 75% can name the judges in American Idol.

And I’ve been meaning to comment on Rush Limberger’s comment about “I hope he fails”. Why are we still listening to or giving any air time to this arrogant, hateful, egotistical, bloated, drug addicted sorry ass cheeseball excuse for a human being? For the record, I never hoped that George W. Bush failed. I ALWAYS hoped that the little moron would dumb into the right answer for the sake of the nation. Bush never failed to disappoint me. As for the Cheeseball, I can only hope that he gets to experience first hand what Michael J. Fox is going through. His asinine comments on Fox’s condition earned it. Then tell us how it is.

I was chatting with a pal yesterday about John Yoo. She asked what to do with him. My answer was prosecute him. She’d like him disbarred and forbidden from ever teaching law again. And prosecuted. But the point of the story is her final punishment. His sentence is served while he has to sit and listen to the Constitution being read to him over and over again. Because he missed that day in law school.

OMG is it time for Wine of the Day?

I got a couple of bottles of Cline Ancient Vines Mourvedre 2006. Contra Costa County grapes. (can you use Oakley and terroir in the same sentence? Is that blasphemy?) Now I thought the only thing ancient in Contra Costa County was the agents down at a certain YVR office, but apparently there’s some old grapevines too. I got a couple of bottles because it was on the nickel sale at BevMo. I don’t know what I was doing there. Sleepwalking probably. Anyway, it’s a big, thick, jammy conglomeration of flavors. Dark plums, chocolate, a little Dr. Pepper, gentle on the forward with a clean tannic finish and the perfect wine with my Monday red beans and rice fare. I think it was $12.99 a bottle and really for that price, you can’t go wrong. I may go back and get two more.

And as promised,



Is it me or do those dogs have the exact same look on their faces? And they never met.

Song I’m feeling today

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