Bon mots and cheap shots

Let’s start with Stuck on Stupid, this morning.


C.T. Martin, councilman for the City of Atlanta. This is the knucklehead that has introduced the ordinance to ban the showing of boxers, thongs, sports bras and bra straps in public. Apparently every crime in the City of Atlanta has been eradicated, every homeless person has a warm place to sleep, every employable individual has a job, taxes are low, services are up, the potholes are fixed and no bridges are in danger of falling down.

Dear City of Atlanta,

Please recall this ass clown.

And while we’re on Stuck on Stupid, last night they were dissecting Bush’s speech to the VFW with John Dower, the MIT professor he quoted. Bush told the VFW that the current occupation in Iraq was similar to what happened in Japan and then quoted the good professor. Apparently the good professor thought the occupation of Japan was well handled, by that charismatic, intelligent guy with the corn cob pipe. Professor Dower studored (yes, I meant to spell it that way) Allison Stewart on the creation of the Marshall Plan (initiated in 1942 and implemented in 1945) and the lack of an occupation plan for Iraq opining that there was no comparison. Somebody, or their speech writer should have paid better attention in history class.

On to the farm. I’m leaving momentarily to make my 181st trip to the hardware store this week. Bill’s Ace is the Place is now my tool and part library. I buy it, take it home, look at it and know I bought the wrong thing and bring it back. Repeat numerous times each day. Today, I’m getting a space suit, some stuff to mask with and one of those dishwasher connecting things. I’ve got a full day of masking and taping and painting and packing. I need to get some more photojournalism up, look for that this evening.

One more swipe at Stuck on Stupid. Maybe it’s the heat in Atlanta. What makes a guy who has the world by the tail be such an idiot. Michael Vick bankrolls a dogfighting ring and loses everything. Everything. For bloodsport. How stupid do you have to be? At what point to you think that hooking up an electrical wire to a hosed down dog’s nose and testicles and electrocuting them is okay? At what point do you become such an animal that you hang a bunch of dogs because they won’t fight and then cut down the three that didn’t die and slam them on the ground trying to kill them and then drown them because they won’t die? It has nothing to do with race or culture. It has everything to do with being subhuman.


And Inga Newkirk, please shut the hell up, you’re insane, and not in the good way.

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  1. I totally hate getting that bitch’s emails.

    I also really really think it would be fun to implement an “eye for an eye” style punishment in these cases.

    In unrelated news, do not ever eat at Chops in Sacramento.

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