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Damage was short lived…

The trick to blisters is to leave them alone. Switch up shoes until you find something that works and let it settle. Never drain them. Draining them makes a wound and then lets air into it. It takes longer to heal and straight up hurts more. I’m back in business and hoping to get to the driving range tomorrow morning.

Today I went to Wordcamp. I was hoping to learn about tweaking this page so it was better to look at. While it was interesting, I’m going to have to find that information someplace else…like looking it up. Still I found out about some hilarious other blogs, some of which I will link to when I’m not so tired. After Wordcamp I came home and went for a bike ride and then over and pulled up more of those damned staples. God bless the guy who did his job right in 1958, although right now, I wish he’d been a little bit more of a slacker, like say the guy that did my neighbor’s house. They didn’t have that many staples in the floor. Tomorrow a friend is going to help me so I think tomorrow will be the day to pull out the patio door and replace it. If in fact that occurs, photojournalism to follow.

This morning’s weigh in:

206…damage officially undone.

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