Wine of the Day

Excuse me while I whip this out…

With the Broadway success of The Producers, I’ve heard that they’re bringing Blazing Saddles to the stage. I can’t imagine how that would be possible. However, last night Jan Wahl and Mike and Mary Colhoun brought Blazing Saddles to an outdoor screen at Mike and Mary’s winery, Landmark. I always really liked Landmark for their Chardonneys. Then I had their Steel Plow Pinot. A friend of mine described it as a “pretty wine”. It is pretty. Mike giggled when I told him that. Some drunk girl sang “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life”, which was the answer to a trivia question, Jan asked while we were waiting for the sun to set enough to see the screen. The film originally came out when I was a sophmore in high school. So a certain set of jokes were very funny to a high school sophmore. What I found last night was that there was a whole another set of jokes that I didn’t have the life experience to get back then. Madeline Kahn might have been one of the most talented actresses ever. Really. Ever. A lot of the crowd knew all of the lines, and shouted them out. I knew about half of them.
For little things that make my day, as we were leaving, I decided to go back into the tasting room to use the restroom. Everything was pretty much winding down. As I left the tasting room, a pleasantly loaded Mary Colhoun stopped me and said “I don’t believe we’ve met”. No we hadn’t. I thanked her for a very enjoyable evening, told her I loved their wine and about the Doberman tile I bought in their tasting room. Of all places to find a large Doberman kitchen tile, I found one at Landmark. She went on about how her and Mike loved dogs and over comes Mike Colhoun. Mary wanders off and Mike asks which wine we were drinking. I told him that I love his Chardonney, but his Steel Plow is just a pretty wine. He tells me that they only make 1800 cases of it and that it’s organically farmed on the hill just over there. We agree that good wine is made in the vineyard and have a lovely chat about wine.* He tells me that he only makes 1800 cases of the Steel Plow. Well, Mike, after tonight, you’re short a little. We both laugh and I leave thrilled to death to have had a few minutes unplugged with Mike Colhoun. I also left with a standing invitation to bring Beau whenever I came to Landmark.

The Wine of the Day is anything made by Landmark.

*This is always the point in the conversation where I really wished I had spoken more to my Uncle Alan about wine. He worked at UC Davis, I think forever, and I’m sorry that I didn’t learn what I could have from him before he left us.

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