No pedigree from France will get you in the dance

I’ve been working like a dog.  I think I mentioned the only day I took off this month was last Saturday.  I’m aiming for Sunday since tomorrow is already booked up.  My house is starting to look like one of our listings.  I must get it cleaned.  I’ve got three or four BPO’s to do and each one takes around two hours to complete.  Slightly longer because I still haven’t had time to figure out the new camera or it’s software.  Yesterday we did a lock out and the people hadn’t moved.  These people contacted this Satanic woman who accused me of harassing them.  I’m sure she took a fee from them to lie to me, just like the unscrupulous real estate agent who sold them the house and the unethical loan agent that made the loan that is now foreclosed.  Lady, don’t yell at me.  I didn’t take a penny from these poor people.  Y’all keep preying on your own community and quite honestly I think it’s criminal.  Anyone want to lay odds that somebody broke into the home last night?

Stuff like this is why I’m very concerned about the mortgage component of the bail out.  I just don’t think that Senators and Congress understand what happened.  I just don’t think they understand that what happened from 2004-2007 was criminal.  I took possession of another property yesterday.  This one had no appliances.  Stealing appliances really hacks me off.  Two reasons.  One, by the time the appliances are removed the property belongs to the bank so it really is a criminal act and should be pursued as such.  Two, without the appliances we can’t sell the thing FHA which rules out a ton of buyers.  Banks won’t replace the appliances and at the end of the day the FHA buyer can’t buy in this market.  Rich get richer, more of the same, as dictated by the lending community.  Want to write a new law?  Write one requiring sellers to install appliances.  $1500 on the seller’s side opens up the market to all of those FHA buyers.  Oh yeah, and tear out those crappy garage conversions.

We had a break in the rain yesterday and the dogs were running and playing in the yard.  I originally went and got the camera because Bubba was standing on the patio table.  Don’t ask.  But I got some great shots and we haven’t had dog photojournalism in a while.

How happy is this guy?
How happy is this guy?
I could watch floppy eared dogs run all day long.  It makes me laugh.
I could watch floppy eared dogs run all day long. It makes me laugh.
I love their expressions...and the fact that I caught it.
I love their expressions...and the fact that I caught it.

As you can see the yard is a big mud hole.  Rita is disgusting from running laps out there.  We’re in for several more days of rain.  I’ve got to figure out how to get her clean but not have her cold from being wet.  I might have to shower with her.

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