Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

Bay Area Rapid FUBAR

Maybe I’m too simple. You’re the mass transit for the entire Bay Area. Every day thousands of people ride your service, and have been since 1973, yet, you still can’t get it right.

7 things BARF should pay attention to:

  1. At 5pm every day your service is flooded with commuters trying to get down to the trains. Have the escalators working.
  2. You are the only form of transportation for a lot of disabled people. Have the elevators working for them.
  3. Each train has one driver. It doesn’t cost any more to add cars. Why are you running 8 car trains during the commute hours?
  4. Clean the freaking stations.
  5. Why do BART cops drive at all? Shouldn’t they be on the trains? Take their cars away.
  6. Why do I have to walk down to the secret squirrel ticket both to get a high value ticket? $45 is $45. Can’t you program the machines to print out the same ticket I have to drive to Safeway to buy?
  7. How about some signs in the station, like downstairs that say “SF Train in 3 minutes”. “Dublin train in 5 minutes”. There’s nothing worse than busting ass to run all the way up or down three flights of stairs because your escalator is broken, only to find out that train sitting in the station is actually going the other direction.

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