Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink…

Since the water is off at the Farm, I decided to take that opportunity to switch out all the corroded galvanized pipe and rotted angle valves.  Seemed simple enough, and it was.  Until I decided to turn the water on to test them.  All three of them were in the “on” position.  I turned on the gate and you could HEAR the water hitting the ceiling in the bathroom.  I turned if off immediately, but when three valves are wide open in the same little tiny room, the damage was apparent.  I told Tile Guy to fire the General who was jacking up the work site… oh, that’s me. 😀

About the Home Warranty company.  Somehow my out of pocket on the water heater is $465.  Is this a scam?  Hell yeah.  Not only that, I have to dump the SOB myself.  On the upside, it will be brand spanking new and it was totally not up to code and now it will be.  No, dear City I Live In, I am not pulling permits.  Build it to code and keep the City out of my life boys.  Thank you.

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