Minor adjustments

The original plan was not to replace the water heater until spring.  Don’t ask me why spring was the anointed timeline.  It just was.  Was.  Sunday while I was feverishly working on the house, because my deadline is quickly approaching, I heard water running.  Strange.  The lawn is dead, the roses were watered yesterday and I’m the only one here.  Well, Beauregard was there, but he doesn’t have opposable thumbs, so he’s not running water.  I looked around, everything was off, so I went back to what I was doing.  Then what I was doing led me to the garage where water was pouring out of the bottom of the 1987 era water heater.  I’m so not paying for this, so I get a ladder, intent on turning off the water.  The gate snaps off into my hand.  Now I have no choice but to turn off the water at the house.  I decide that I’m going to run this through the Home Warranty company.  It’s an ancillary service that the conglomerate I work for provides.  My co-workers informed me yesterday that our Home Warranty company is the worst.  Yea! for us.  So today between 10-12 I will be over there, instead of at work, waiting for the home warranty company to hopefully replace the water heater with minimum cajoling from me.

So when I’m not drinking wine, I:


Finished staining the dining room and:


Had a new gate installed, pretty cool eh?  And I also had this little gem installed:


This does two things.  1) it centers the shower controls that were off center and 2) installs one of those pressure bladders that means that someone else can be in the house, flush a toilet and I won’t go through the roof from the scalding I typically receive.  How cool is that.  I’ve put two coats of stain on the kitchen cabinets and I’m really not thrilled with how they’re coming out.  I will revisit that while waiting on the Home Warranty company.  I spoke with an old friend of mine yesterday about the project.  Her husband is a contractor and they just re-built a slew of houses in some podunk town in eastern Texas that were destroyed by Rita.  (yeah, there were two bad hurricanes that year) She asked me why I was rolling the paint when all but one room was going to be the same color.  “Hose it down” says Marcia.  Get one of those paper space suits, mask the windows and hose it down.  So I’m going to be taping off today, so I can hose it down tomorrow.
With all this nonsense going on, you’ll be shocked to hear that I’m still making it to the gym every day, and I am holding tough at 208.  I have changed my workouts and decided to not start a challenge until 9/3.  My workouts are now more typical.  I’m benching 135 for 4 sets of 10.  Deadlifting 135 for 4 sets of 10.  Doing a bunch of shoulder strengthening stuff and ab work.  Nothing too heavy, just enough so I don’t lose it while I’m remodeling this house.

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  1. When you hear water running when no water should be running, you put down what you’re doing and check it out.

    Trust me. I know.

    Also, why are you doing all the rooms the same color?

  2. The living room, hallway, bedroom 2 and 3 will all be a Kelly Moore color: Light Tiger Eye. The living room will have a highlight wall that is two tones darker. That color is called Sourdough. The den/dining room is that dark wood room and the Master Bedroom will be a color that I think is called Quesy. It’s a blueish green with a bit of grey in it. That bath is a color called Bathsalts. The kitchen has a tiny bit of wall space, or will once the backsplash is up, and I haven’t chosen a color for that yet. I doubt it will need more than a quart of paint. The main bath didn’t get remodeled and will probably stay the way it is until spring…or something explodes in there. So in answer to the question, they aren’t really all the same color, just the base in the three rooms. (I’m going to roll the bathroom.)

  3. OK, well, now, see, that’s different, then, isn’t it?

    If we ever have (make) time, we’ll probably be doing my son’s room in mint with chocolate pinstriping (per his request).

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