Down in the west Texas town of El Paso

Hola!  I thought you were supposed to use an upsidedown exclamation mark with that.  Guess not.  Today I played in the ocean, spent too much time in the sun and learned what the big friggin deal with the time shares was.  These guys get paid $135 for every referral that converts.  That is a lot of pesos.  They get one conversion out of about ten referrals.  Kind of like the cold call rate.  You knew I would know those numbers. 

It is a sad day in the wine world.  I just could never imagine getting to the point that there was only one solution.  Of course I spend a tremendous amount of time digging through piles of horse shit looking for ponies.

I have one thing to say to those 244 Representatives.  OK two.  One 2010.  The other?  Quit being a bunch of freaking babies.  Your way didn´t work.  Quit being a bunch of pouty babies.  Get on board.  And one more thing.  2010.  Seriously, we´re all paying over $4k each for the last stimulus plan that paid untold amounts to unnamed executives and you assholes are voting against this?  You are a bunch of freaking babies.

For some reason I´ve been thinking a lot about Beauregard on this trip.  It´s so weird.  He was the youngest animal I have lost.  The last two years have been such a whirlwind/nightmare and now I have a couple of days to reflect and my dog´s dead.  How the hell did that happen?  I mean I know how it happened.  He had cancer.  He woke me up at 3am and he couldn´t breathe.  The cancer was drowning him, but how did that happen? 

When I get home I have a USDA Prime rant ready to go on lenders.  I know you can´t wait for that one.

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  1. So you traded Whine for Margaritas?
    Well when in Rome.eeeo..Oh Romeeeo (your cabana boy of course)bring me my haaa-whiiineee…well good for you Wine Dog..and don’t dwell on Beau too long he’d rather you enjoyed your holiday..if this job thing doesn’t work out better soon I might find myself running drinks to overly tanned ex-pats myself!

  2. Um, and there is actually lots to do around Mazatlan…. have you gone into town or taken a bus trip to one of the crafty type towns?

  3. Traded wine for Pacifico. Mucho Pacifico. My cabana boy Victor has blistered feet from running back and forth to the bar.

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