Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

South of the Border

Hola Gatitos!  I really do not have much.  I cannot figure out how to work the apostrophe on this Mexican keyboard so all the words will be spelled out.  Not much to do down here and that does not bode well for my type A personality.  I may chew my arm off by Friday.  Some bon mots and cheap shots.

  1. Do not name your pizza place Rin Tin Tin pizza
  2. Why are all the man hole covers missing?
  3. Why does everyone want to sell me a time share?
  4. Coconut creme muffins are worth the plane ride
  5. Turbulance =Bad, very bad.  Very shaken not stirred Wine Dog
  6. Rita tore a hole in her side about 20 minutes before she was due at the kennel.  I can only hope she is healing ok.  I cleaned it up and the lady at the kennel is cleaning it too.  I think she should have had stitches but there was no time.
  7. Whatever it is that makes a crispy tortilla and then some Mexican ham and then two eggs on top for breakfast with that rancheria sauce?  Must figure out how to make that. 
  8. You can not put up a sign that says GOLF and then not have a golf course.  ¿HELLO?
  9. If you must try and sell me a time share at least qualify your buyer.  I got no money, I am not qualified. 

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  • The Brother

    ¡hola! backatcha.
    1) You knew I would know how to do the upside down exclamation points, and you did it right with the question mark, upside down in front, right side up behind.
    2) The manhole covers are being stolen and sold for scrap. Same thing happening in the US.
    3) Bring back a muffin. Reminds me of the coconut cornbread in the Caymans.

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