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The fog was lifting a voice come chanting

I’m just amazed at what’s unfolding today.  I feel like a bit of a curmudgeon.  I just want to whisper in his ear “It’s yours, now don’t screw it up”.   Today is his day.

I remember back in 1968, I was in the fifth grade.  I was in this program where they pulled us out of the normal classes and sent us over to this other school.  We were the brightest of the bright in the district.  I can’t remember all the kids in that class but I know that one of them is now the President of a division of Tyco and another one really went on to be a Nuclear Physicist.  He’s now retired and writing poetry.  The only difference is that these two guys are now cool.  Not so much back then.  Another one is a paranoid schizophrenic who works in television.  That didn’t really surprise me.  And then there’s me.  I didn’t fit in then and I don’t fit into that now.  At any rate, we had a big assignment back then.  It gave me agida.   We were supposed to write what we thought Nixon was going to say in his inauguration speech.  I remember thinking “How the hell should I know?”  It was 1968.  Johnson had chosen not to run for re-election.  Eventually he would drink himself to death over his inability to get our troops out of that quagmire.  Nixon was hawkish but had said that he was going to bring home our troops.  No one had heard of a hotel named Watergate and the Presidency still maintained a gleam of honor to a fifth grader.  I remember penciling out what I thought Nixon might say in his inaugural address.  I used Lincoln and Kennedy as reference.  Possibly Roosevelt, I don’t remember.  (It’s funny that I was probably looking at Lincoln’s second inaugural address)  Then on Inauguration Day we all watched Nixon being sworn in.  I remember looking at my draft and thinking “He didn’t say anything like what I wrote”.  And then the black and white television with him speaking.  I can’t remember what kind of grade I got on that project.  We also had all these squirrelly grading systems.  Numbers and phrases and shit that wasn’t an A, B, C, D or F like the other kids.

Now I watch all the talking heads discuss what he might say in about an hour and 15 minutes from now.  He’s a great speaker, so I know it’ll be good.  I just hope he can keep this thing going and not screw it up.


  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Just a thought:

    We became a nation in 1776 (which included slavery) by doing a very scary and brave thing when we in essence flipped the bird to England, fought a bloody revolution to maintain our independence. Then less than 100 years later we fought another bloody war to maintain our unity as a nation and abolished slavery. Then less that 100 years later we fought a second world war to stop the Nazi agenda and “their” ultimate solution. Then less than 60 years later we managed to end the cold war and nuclear proliferation. People from other countries were flooding our boarders or crossing open ocean on inner tubes just to touch our soil. Then in 8 years we’ve managed to start a war based upon phantom W.M.D. masked behind 9/11, rile up the entire Middle East go from the hottest high tech and industrial nation on the planet and now we’ve sent the American worker into the poor house or to live under a bridge and our unemployment is at something like 10% plus?….and now…now after the past 200 (+) years is the time we had it to The First Black man to become President and expect him to what? It will take every bit of the next 8 years to stabilize this and I can only hope that the next President is either another Black man..or a woman or even better a black woman who will truly be able to shine rather than shovel the sh*t created over the last 8 years. Mr. President I wish you only the best in the coming months and years…I just wish it was left in a better state when it was passed on.

  • titleslug

    We renounced England in 1776. Our first attempt at a post-war, national government failed. Our current constitution was ratified and our first president, under the new constitution was sworn in March 1789.
    My point is we’ve failed before. We picked up the pieces and we moved forward. Since the 1780’s the structure of our government has not failed. These past eight years have struck major blows against the once sound structure. President Obama will have to rebuild the damaged structure while buttressing the ecomony. That’s a full plate.
    Yesterday he expressed faith in our national work product. He said its the best in the world and he’s right. If he can help the world’s best work force return to work and discourage management from shipping that work overseas, he’ll have made a sound, first step.

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