Well he treed a possum in a hollow log, you could tell from that he was a good ol’ dog

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Why I love Rita

This is why I love Rita

And this is why they’re such great dogs.

And I love when I get a shot like this.

And I love this big old dork of a dog.

Rita treed a squirrel this morning.  At 8:15.  The neighbors must love me for that crap.  She had him in the apricot tree which is the only tree that stands by itself, meaning a squirrel must touch the ground to escape.  I went out to settle her down and saw the squirrel in the tree.  Squirrel, you’d better bring your A game or you’re going to be a snack here.  Well, Squirrel had his A game with him.  He ran down the tree in circles and managed to escape BETWEEN the Hellhoundz and get up the oak tree before they got him.  They tried.  Squirrel 1 Hellhoundz 0.  Thanks for playing our game.


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