Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

And the tall grass wave in the wind

Here we are at the end of 2008. Since PBE is all about accountability, here we go. First, a snippet from the 2008 goals list.

Victim in Vegas wrote in a couple of New Year’s Resolutions for Patty Hauptman and I’m going to build on those. Feel free to add your own.

  1. public apology to all employees, past & way past. -Didn’t happen
  2. pay checks sent immediately to those who have been shorted.. -Didn’t happen although they did manage to get that into the bankruptcy filing.
  3. Learn about ethical business practices and apply them -Might have something to do with teaching a pig to sing
  4. Stop trying to get away with something and start trying to conduct business in an honorable way. -The Hauptmans? They were still taking for themselves as Mercury crashed into the Rocky Mountains.

I was hoping for five, but that should be enough to keep her busy for 2008. I mean really, how do you learn ethics at her age anyway? That’s going to be a tough one. And here’s a couple of mine for John Harritt.

  1. Admit that you are not business material, you are not CEO material. You are a salesman. Period. —Johnny hasn’t gotten here yet. He’s still trying to get something going.
  2. Return some phone calls and start behaving in an honorable manner –That didn’t happen
  3. Get out of the title business, you’re part of the problem (actually that could be Patty Hauptman’s #5 too) –Didn’t happen although I guess it’s safe to say that Patty’s out of the title business now.

That’s all I have for John Harritt. You can’t make a New Year’s Resolution to be less of a dumb ass….can you?

Wine Dogs Goals (since we don’t do resolutions)

  1. Get the 50 pounds off -swing and a miss
  2. Set records in the new weight class (I’ve already checked, it’s so doable) –swing and a miss
  3. Finish the four classes I’m enrolled in -Done those were my real estate classes
  4. Pass the appropriate tests -Done (I was talking about my real estate licensing)
  5. Keep Pinkbunnyears rolling and interesting, key topics to include
    1. Title business and my crusade to stop the corporate wankers -Didn’t miss a beat
    2. Body for Life -not particularly impressive
    3. Powerlifting -Done
    4. My dogs (yeah, I said DOGS. See below) -Done
  6. Train the newbie (see 5.4 above or picture below) -Done
  7. Build an organic garden -Done
  8. Landscape back yard -Swing and a miss
  9. Start three planned businesses and write business plan for fourth -Two out of three
  10. Use less emotion and more brain unless the situation calls for more emotion and less brain. –I’ve really been pretty good on this one

It’s real interesting to see where I was on January 1, or December 31 last year and where I am now. Last year when I said “dogs” I meant Beauregard and Rita. I could have never guessed that my heart would be broken in June when Beauregard succumbed to cancer. I didn’t even know he was sick. I could have never guessed that I would be living with a hillbilly blue dog. I had hoped that maybe I got out of the title business, I was taking the appropriate course of action. Who knew it would be done for me. I figured the Amateur Now Demoted Manager had it out for me. Who knew he could get the corporation to do it for him. I know he’s not that smart. Just lucky. Well, see how that works out for him on a go forward basis. I didn’t lose an ounce of weight last year. I did buy a new bike and fell in love with distance. I do have the wood to build a deck off the french doors that still aren’t completely installed. It’s in the garage and the BMW still sits in front of the house rather than in the garage behind a new automatic door. But all and all, a lot happened last year.

So, without further adieu….drum roll please…

Wine Dog Goals for 2009

  1. Continue polishing Rita’s training
  2. Get Bubba’s training to the next level
  3. Lose that damned 50 pounds
  4. Set two new powerlifting records
  5. Finish a
    1. Bicycle race
    2. Metric Century
    3. Century
  6. Raise $5000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation through Team Fatty (see new button in the sidebar)
  7. Organize real estate business to optimal efficiency
  8. Finish getting the title service business running
  9. Close a deal every three weeks
  10. Get a solid marketing campaign going and stay on target with it
  11. Finish at least one of the writing projects
  12. Get this damned house painted
  13. Landscape both yards
  14. Remodel main bath (the only thing inside the house I didn’t do.

That ought to keep me out of trouble. Feel free to throw yours out in to the comments section


  • OldTitleGuy

    You appear to have no wine goals in your list. May I suggest this:

    Have a bottle of 1961 Lafitte Rothschilde.

    Have a bottle of 2005 Romanee Conti. (DRC)

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