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But I can’t help but be confused

Miss me? Sorry, I was busy doing what it is I do. Like the Return of the Zombies, IndyMac is lumbering back to life. I don’t have time to look up Paulson & Company, but I sure hope that doesn’t have anything to do with the Secretary of…..never mind. No relation. Still the ad I got at the top of the article was for the Bloodless Empire’s Loss Mitigation Bonanza Bottom Feeders Solutions.

Heard it through the grapevine

I’ll bet they’re missing NASCAR Teddy over at his Splintered Excellent Title Adventure. I’m hearing that heads are rolling in a major way. If you’re a County Manager and reading this dribble Yay for you! duck and cover. My theory is if they can’t find you, they can’t can you, so RUN! Run Forest Run!

I want to ride my bicycle

I finally took on Ygnacio today. Up the hill in 9:39. Not a land speed record but I’ve done worse. 1:06:15 for the entire ride. Not bad for the first time up since my acquisition of health insurance. It’s nice to be working out on the bike again.

Well, I was a little smug about breaking Bubba of his marking habit quickly. Not so fast said his little boyness. He didn’t like sharing his man space with the HVAC dude. He let me know by marking it. Now, the HVAC dude did not piss in my hallway so Bubba shouldn’t have either in my book. He certainly now wishes he hadn’t. He also has a misfortunate situation this morning involving the wine refrigerator. The HVAC dude was nowhere near that. And I caught him that time too. He’s been a little contrite all day. I’d just be happy if he kept it in his dog pants.

I’m drinking an Alcina 2006 Pinot. In the beginning it was finishing like rubbing alcohol. Thankfully that has improved. Fruity on the front with some black tea with an invisible finish. Strange wine.

And the best song since Gretchen Wilson went lingerie shopping at KMart

[youtube EmqIsnIp5uc]

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