Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

Another great one has past.

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I saw her probably twenty years ago at Kimball’s in Emeryville. On the list of things to do in this life, seeing her perform live was on it. (I should devote a post to The List) She had to be around 60 at the time. Anyone who’s been to that Kimball’s knows what a small venue it was. Are they still there? Anyway, she played for about 10 days and I got to see her while she was there. She was amazing and the world is a better place because she stopped by. And who else would have gotten away with this in 1966?

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Meet the Donner Party

Remember the other day when I said sometimes I let things run to see what’s going to happen? I probably shouldn’t do that when it comes to planning trips. I let The Sommelier plan the ski adventure. I know the lay of the land and I really should have stepped up and taken a look at things, but I didn’t. So we stayed in Reno. Had I thought about that I would have known that staying on the OTHER side of the hill during a SKI adventure (key words are emphasized) might be a dumb idea. And I really hate staying at casinos because of the cigarette smoke. Harrah’s has a smoke free tower at their Laughlin locations, but we weren’t going to Laughlin, we were in Reno. They had a free shuttle to Northstar, which was great. I just kind of wished we were staying at Northstar, or somewhere near by, like maybe in California…or the west side of the Sierras. Then when the storm hit yesterday we would have been in Auburn on the way down, not Verdi, Nevada on the way up.

Those footprints belong to me and the Sommelier. So there’s my truck at the parking lot of Terrible’s in Verdi Nevada. The winds on the pass were 80mph and they weren’t letting us through. I played video poker and drank coffee while the Sommelier paced. Eventually she found the lady who had the knowledge. Apparently we had missed an earlier window of an hour when the pass was open. We weren’t missing another window. Around 11:30 she comes screaming over to my perch announcing they just opened the pass. Of course I was up. I’ve never left a bar stool so fast in my life. We went over the pass around 25mph. With the cable chains we were using we couldn’t go over 30mph and quite honestly, I was fine with that. Three of the cables broke going over. The guy who we paid to take them off asked if it was bare up there. It wasn’t, they just broke. Kind of pissed me off. $150 bucks for chains that you use once? Who are these asshats that make these chains and where can I get a piece of that racket? We got off the hill around 2pm and started busting home. Why are there always big accidents in Vacaville? What is that about? And why does everyone going westbound have to stop to look at an accident going eastbound? And then wreck cars going westbound?

Oh yeah, yesterday was Christmas. The Sommelier announced that next year we should go to Vegas. I made a suggestion that was anatomically impossible. I didn’t get to wrap the Brother’s present, primarily because it arrived Tuesday after I left. I didn’t think I was going to see him yesterday as we sat in Verdi, NV. So I told him where it was and it was Christmas fergodsakes, he let his inner child guide him to and open the box from Amazon. Score. I missed on some sizing on some other things but I’ll rectify that over the weekend. I will not be in a store today, with the noted exception of a grocery store. There’s new music, new All Clad and soon to be a new bike computer at the Farm, life is good. The Brother is always very good to his nephews and nieces. They are currently munching on brontosaurus bones. The dogs, there’s a whole ‘nuther story. I was so stressed out about my dogs. I haven’t been gone since I got Rita. So she has never spent a night without me. Naturally, neither has Bubba. Now, they were not only going to spend two nights without me, but they were going to have a dog walker come in twice a day and Sonofabun stopped by Tuesday and Wednesday in the middle of the day. They did outstanding. They were normal as if nothing was different when I got home. OK, Bubba was making little crying sounds as he pushed himself as close to me as he possibly could, but Rita ran her perimeters just like normal. Then I sat down after I got back last night and they laid down in the office next to me. Rita put her head on Bubba’s hip and they slept. Probably for the first time in three nights.

Speaking of bike computers, I swear I’ll get the button built in the next day or so. In the meantime, thank you to all who have stopped by my LiveStrong page. I’m very excited to be a part of this.

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