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Well, this isn’t much of a surprise. I’m just wondering at what point someone tries to stop the new Title Rep rules. I feel bad for the reps up here. The ones I know fly right and at this point they’re concerned about being seen in a restaurant with a realtor or mortgage broker after the first. I’m also a little ticked off. I need my dry cleaning picked up. Psych! OK, the poor reps I know have endured over a month of “you need to take me out for cocktails before the new rules pass”, “you need to pick up my dry cleaning”, “you need to buy me a copy machine” and various incarnations of the same from me and Sonofabun. Truth be told, I just need a farm today, in electronic form for a very small neighborhood. Shouldn’t be that hard. Yeah, I’m still doing business today, three days before Christmas.

In other news, the FBI says that the theft of copper is threatening the infrastructure of this country. Every time I go into one of our listings I have to check the water heater to be sure that the copper is still there. They don’t get that much money for the amount of work it takes to yank it out of a foreclosed property, but we’ve had some thievery and it’s a pain in the ass to rectify. I always thought it was crackheads trying to buy some rock with some old copper tubing.

Every day Bubba comes along a little bit more. One of the things that Beauregard used to do was come in my office and sit on my foot while I was typing. Today, Bubba came into my office and sat on my foot. I absentmindedly reached down and rubbed his chest like I used to do to Beau before I realized it was Bubba sitting there and not Beau. Of course he followed that up by putting his big fat foot on the keyboard and making things pop up on the screen that I’d never seen before, but baby steps little man, baby steps. I also met a lady in Sports Basement who told me she thought he had blue dilution alopecia. Upon reading about it, I’m sure he does. That and gas. If anyone has any homeopathic remedies for CDA let me know. I think the gas is why he’s massaging his side. I’m digging through this guy’s page. Bubba may be allergic to Innova so he’s on duck and sweet potato. Anything that’s worked for anyone with a CDA dog will help.

Until I get the button up, I’ll link at the end of the posts to my LiveStrong page. Join me in the fight against cancer. Basically if everyone that comes to this site donated a minimum of $5, I would blow my goal away in a week. Let’s show them the power of PBE. I know the power of PBE, it got me fired…nevermind. Let’s put the power of PBE to work for good. The distance I chose was 65 miles or a metric century. I rode that distance four times last summer. I quit riding distance for about two and a half months when I didn’t have health insurance. The idea of sitting in county hospital with a drool cup because I didn’t have insurance when some jackhole ran me over was enough to keep me off of city streets. My new insurance has kicked in and I’m back on the road. I did 30 miles on Saturday. It was a slow 30 as I hadn’t done any distance in a while but it went by quickly. They’ve finished the work on Ygnacio and as soon as the holidaze are past and I don’t have to worry about getting dusted by eggnog soaked soccer Mom I’ll be doing the climb again. I’ll be posting my routes again soon, but after a beer soaked afternoon with Sonofabun, I need to quit screwing around on the internets and get to work.

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