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Three scientists who are engaged in diabolical, avant-garde experiments previously performed only on insects and other small, meaningless creatures.

Where to start this morning?  Let’s start with the fun stuff.  Sonofabun wanted to be mentioned on PBE, he was feeling a little lonely I guess, so he did what any interloper would do.  He opened a spectacular bottle of wine.  It was a double mag of Marcelina 1995 Cabernet Sauvignon.  It was an excellent offering.  Marcelina is a product of the third generation of Gallo’s.  The grandkids make better wine than any of their forefathers.  I’ve had numerous fine offerings from their projects.  The same can be said for the Mondavi family.  This wine was smoky, with subtle fruit.  The tannins had mellowed properly with the time in the bottle and it was the perfect wine for a monstrous turkey dinner.  Sonofabun is also an amazing cook.  Almost as good as the Wine Dog.  One day we will play Iron Chef and he will have to fall on his knives in defeat!  OK, I might not have been able to brine a turkey like he did.  It came out perfectly.  He does Southern style sweet potatoes, which would be a preference of mine.  And we all ate too much to get to his desserts, with the noted exception of the maple frosted pecan something or anothers, of which I had 40 or so.  I do love me some maple.

Wednesday was the Wine Dog Family Massacree.  This occurs in Davis, California.  This was the first gathering since my Uncle’s passing several years ago.  There had been rumblings for the last few years and this year my cousin pulled the trigger.  All the Usual Suspects made the pilgrimage.  Cousin from Another Time Zone played chauffeur to the Old Folks, freeing up The Brother and I to hang out with the cousins like we did in our misspent youth.  Personally, I have never attended the Attack on Sac.  That occurs the night before Thanksgiving and hasn’t occurred in recent times, but it is the stuff that family lore is made of.  The Brother baked the pies.  Drambouie in a pumpkin pie, who’d a thunk it?  The Brother, that’s who.  He can put booze in just about anything and make it work.  He also did a sweet potato cheesecake.  A nice twist on the pumpkin cheesecake thing.  Cousin from Another Time Zone was assigned a fruited dessert.  We felt The Brother was expecting a cobbler, though he denies it.  We got all mavericky and baked a Maple Cranberry Pudding Cake.  It rocked.  I was in charge of salads so we had a Spinach, Hazelnut dried cranberry salad, an updated Waldorf and a Caesar.  Much debate was had over the anchovies, but in the end the voice said “No Anchovies Please”.   The Sailor prepared the perfect turkey.  I cracked a Chappallet Los Piedros, a 2002 Clos Pegase Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2004 Gunlach Bundchu Pinot Noir.

I am actually getting bored picking on LandAmerica.  (I’m sure that’s music to Richmond’s ears)  I will say I got a lot of stuff from the State of Nebraska and it took a day or two for my mind to remember that Commonwealth and Lawyers are domiciled in Nebraska.  I always thought that was kind of weird.  I still do.  Commonwealth was always a PA company to me.  I’ve worked for them several times over the years.  My last stint was when it was moved to Nebraska and I just completely spaced that out.  Lawyers Title has never mattered in Northern California.  They’ve been real players in other parts of the country, even somewhat in Southern California, just never much up here.  They do get big chunks of really big commercial stuff, I think just because the word “Lawyer” is in their name.

I’m really amazed that no one is taking the current administration to task on this bail out.  For the guys that have been talking “free market” and all that bullshit for eight years, they’re sure spending a lot of government tax dollars bailing out their cronies.  Yeah, it needs to happen or the whole thing is going to, well there’s going to be a huge sucking sound.  But really, according to your “economics” the government shouldn’t be bailing these guys out.  Who knows better than New Yorkers?  We might be heading to a tea party.  Anybody heard a word about privatization of Social Security recently?  OK, GW couldn’t fly a plane, find oil in Texas, run the Texas Rangers and I think we can put another feather in his cap full of incompetency.  He couldn’t run the country either.  Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter can relax.  The worst President ever is number 43.

Now after two days of eating, I’m off to the gym, for about three hours.  Maybe four.  Where’s Jillian Michaels when you need her?


  • OldTitleGuy

    Well here at the OTG household we had our Traditional Thankgiving Dinner with turkey and all the fixens’. A few years ago our local grocery had Banquet turkey dinners on sale at three for a buck and I stocked up. I think we’re down to our last ten or so.

    Last week, I heard a couple of guys at the KwikyMart talking about ‘brining’ a turkey. Seems you soak the turkey in cold water with salt and sugar and maybe other stuff (I couldn’t understand a lot of their conversation, I think they were talking in Armenian) for a few days. So I took an ice chest and put in a couple of gallons of ice water and added the salt and sugar. Well, sort of. I didn’t seem to have any salt that wasn’t in a shaker, so I just threw a box of Epsom Salt that I found in the bathroom in there, and then discovered that I didn’t actually have any sugar, so I used a bottle of Mrs. Butterworths Lite pancake syrup. Left it all alone until TurkeyDay. It didn’t seem to have much impact on the taste, and it made the boxes all soggy.

    We didn’t have a suitable wine in the cellar, so I took a bottle of Vick’s 44D and diluted it with peach Kool Aid to get that gentle fruity aftertaste. Went especially well with the cranapple cobbler that’s in one of the upper sections of the tray.

    A good time was had by all, although I think that it should be illegal for paramedics to laugh at you.

  • dolphyngyrl

    OTG, I think you’re supposed to take them out of the box before brining them.

    And then you use the boxes to start the fire in the bbq before you toss the trays on the grill.

  • dolphyngyrl

    Although, if you don’t have access to a ’67 Chevy, you can also try the fire-pit method to heat up the deep fryer.

    Remember that it works best if the pit is deep enough that you have to lean over the fryer to see how the turkey’s doing. This helps insulate the fryer and keep it the appropriate temperature.

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