Some say I’m crazy cuz I’m pushin’ up daisies

One of the things I do that helps me get fresh title news is that I have a slew of alerts set. That way, if something shows up on Marketwatch or a blog I know about it pretty much instantaneously. It’s all about the key words and how they’re set. I weed through a lot of garbage to get the jewels. One thing keeps showing up several times a day is Karen Floyd, Trainer, First American Title. She’s not part of the executive team so I was pretty much ignoring it. Today I had a minute (ok I was curious) and I clicked on it. Nice job Karen. It might be time to fall on your sword. I’m sure First American is proud of that distinction. I’m not going to out anyone but I know there are gay executives way up the food chain over at FATCO. I’m pretty sure one of them got married recently. How’s the heat in the First American kitchen, Karen? Might be time for an official comment from the company on that one. What’s the name of that diversity project over there? You know, the one they merged into the title division a couple of months ago. If not for that famous Parker Kennedy/John Harritt photograph we keep running here at PBE, we’d think you were just paying lip service to diversity. OK, your rep was a straight white guy. (nice enough guy) Maybe you are just paying lip service to diversity.

If it’s Saturday, it must be bath day

I got the Hellhoundz down to the dog bath yesterday. I need to get them down there more often. Rita has an amazing coat. When she’s clean she just sparkles. Sparkle. Sparkle. I’m surprised the amount of dust I got off those guys didn’t back up the drains at the dog wash. Bubba has been having some issues with his tummy. He’s been having what they call “wet burps”. It’s sort of like throwing up a little in his mouth. (Sorry to you early morning PBE readers) Sometimes he gets it on the carpet. I took him to the vet about a week ago and they Xrayed him to be sure he hadn’t eaten something that was blocking him. He was very constipated and his tummy was inflamed. The vet wanted to give him some medicine or an enema and I told him I wanted to see if I could solve the problem naturally. I have. I decided that the EVO was too hot for him and switched him to a lighter food which helped a little. I bought some yogurt and some kefir to throw into his food. I also started adding a little olive oil to lubricate him a little. I am still working through different foods trying to get one that is gentle enough for the big guy’s tummy but has enough juice for how hard he runs all day with Hot Rod Rita. We’re on a small bag of Solid Gold Hund n Flock right now.

BFL moment

My personal Body for Life challenge has been mired in bad choices and stress eating. In my defense I got two into escrow last week. Of all people to force to the sellers title company, I’m probably the worst choice, but it happened twice. Basically, my buyers didn’t have a choice and that doesn’t make the Wine Dog happy. I would have liked to drive them to the folks that have been helping me out, and it pains me not to be able to do that. It also pains me to have a deal being done in Pennsylvania. They had better do a stellar job. If they jack it up like they did to Sonofabun, know that Billy’s going to hear about it. Anyway, back to BFL. I finished a four week round of my bench routine. My shoulders are sore and tired so I decided to pull out an old routine from around five years ago, just for a change in pace. It’s a 14 week program with a lot of wiggle room and I think that’s what I need right now. I went out on the bike on Saturday morning. My health insurance went into effect on Friday, so I now feel more comfortable riding. Good thing. I was about 25 minutes from the house when I missed a light. I clipped out with my left leg like I always do and put my foot down as I braked. My foot hit one of the composite irrigation covers. Those SOB’s are slick and I lost my footing. Naturally if you’re going down on the left, you lean to the right. That’s what we all do. My right foot wasn’t unclipped and I went over like Artie Johnson. Because I learned Hardcore style, I kicked up the bike so it didn’t get damaged. I must have missed a little because it’s shifting funky now. No real damage to me. I wish I’d gotten all of the bike up. Anyway, back to BFL. If we think it’s hard to find time to work out and that life gets in the way of becoming who we need/want to. Check out this gal. I’m stopping by the Blood Bank this afternoon.

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