Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

Expect photojournalism

Today I’m meeting a contractor at the new house. I expect his report will read a little like War & Peace and won’t say anything about the fact that I hate the carpet. I’m going to have to figure out an honorable way to get out of my lease around the first of September. I’m bringing my trusty camera to this event so I’m hoping to return with some photojournalism. I’m just thrilled for the free pass out of work at 3pm today. The weather is absolutely gorgeous here and right now, I really miss my sales job. Sales people have it made. If it’s pretty like this, you take a client to play golf. I’ve been worming my way into our sales department in hopes of getting to go play with them. I’m hoping to get in 18 this weekend as well. After the inspection today, I’ll be out on my bike, riding very safely. Hardcore father-in-law had a bad accident last week. God bless him for still riding like his shorts are on fire at 68 but damn, why can’t people look out for cyclists. Get well old boy. Folks care about you.

Weight 213
FAT 36.5
BMI 36.3

This weeks food
Oatmeal and cottage cheese
Beef jerky and Yoplait FF yogurt
Chicken breast, brocoli and corn
Grapes and string cheese
mahi mahi, steamed in a pouch of canelli beans, tomatos and basil on the grill
grilled asparagus
Ricotta cheese and blueberries

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