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Take the very breath you gave me

I was all ready to scorch some earth in tonight’s post when I received an email that made me cry. Back when Beauregard got sick I asked the folks in the Doberman community how they would treat inoperable untreatable cancer. I got numerous responses. Then Sunday morning the phone rang. It was another DPCA member who was treating the very same disease in her eight year old girl. I didn’t know this woman. She apologized for looking me up in the DPCA member directory and calling like she did. No worries, but I did think “Isn’t this what the directory is for?” She spent an hour explaining how she was dosing her dog with herbs and where to buy them and just about anything else I needed to know. I went out and spent $135 that afternoon and started dosing Beauregard immediately. We all know he only made it to Tuesday. This woman had much better luck, until today.


Godspeed little girl. I know you were well loved.

Back to our regularly scheduled Tom Foolery

OK, now I’ll get back to misbehaving. My favorite unemployed Underwriter sent me these tidbits. OK, they aren’t tidbits. They’re the Mercury bankruptcy schedules. They’re big so download time will be a little while, but so worth your time.

Statement of Financial Affairs


Schedule Part 1

Schedule Part 2


Now I know who my ankle biter in Colorado was. I need to figure out what happened with WAMU today. And that bail out. However, there’s less than 10 hours left of my 40’s. In lieu of that situation I think I’ll get stinking drunk and run buck naked through the neighborhood. If OTG could leave a cheesecake on the doorstep… I’m sure I’ll be hungry when I get back. Have a great night.

[youtube sBc7qeyfq28]


  • escrowdude

    OMG…I can’t believe the “ass hat” (as you so aptly describe some of the Alliance/Financial/Mercury evildoers) that ran the Santa Clara Co. operation, and now is in charge of the operation of a competitor, actually was paid over $200k as recently as April of this year. I suppose my only remaining thought on this whole mess is that the Hauptman’s had better get what they truly deserve. The whole debacle of how they ran their companies is eerily in concert with what is happening to our national economy, and of course the hard working stiff is the one that’s left out to dry, hold the bag, etc. I think I’m gonna be sick.

    P.S. I gather that very happy bday wishes are in order WD! Toss one back for me!

  • anescrowperson

    It’s so ironic that you should post this today. Earlier on there was a lot of venom going on around the Hauptman’s and how they screwed us. Now we can truly see how far we were bent over! Does anyone know if these people have the audacity to show their faces in public?

  • LovePBE

    Interesting stuff here. Three of the Five files posted (“Schedule Part 1”, “Schedule Part 2” and “Amended”) seem to show all claims. What’s REALLY interesting is that it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that these claims are for monthly compensation. Amazing how overpaid several on this list were – I mean REALLY overpaid!

  • craighaskins

    It was easy to get caught up in the lunacy of the early 2000’s. Title office expansion was fun and lucrative and employed a lot of people. Some of us handled it better than others.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Apparently the majority of American BIG business all operated with the same plan in mind and yet the top few still remain wealthy or rewarded for their misdeeds? Makes you think taking the high road is/was vastly over rated. Perhaps we should collectively start out own thing “PBE Title” and do it the old fashioned way, the right way with American workers and legit management…any takers?

  • EO in hell

    Holy schnickies batman! Excellent stuff. Now I have the addresses of my former co-workers so I can send out my holiday cards

  • title man

    When you see the withdrawals made by the controlling family months before the closure, you just want to puke… You look at the list see your friends owed thousands of honestly earned wages and you see the thieving bastards taking hundreds of thousands, knowing what was coming… There isn’t a corner of hell hot enough for them

  • huh

    You think the little people that work there/have worked there really want their salary and addresses posted on the web? I can fully understand going after the big wigs but geez!!!

  • Wine Dog

    It’s public record. It’s already out there. And I don’t believe it’s actually salary. I think it’s commissions or unused vacation.

  • OldTitleGuy

    Hey Skip, good idea. Maybe the Financial license is available from Mercury at a fire sale price. Last I heard it was good for all 58 counties. Only problem would be coming up with the statutory cash and operating money for the startup. Maybe 5-6 mil?
    I’ll take SoCal, you can have NorCal.

  • huh

    Yeah wine dog I know it is public knowledge. But “here” is much more public than looking it up and those aren’t commissions…well not all of them are. The point is their addresses are out there as well as their names…thank God there are no SS numbers there. I am on the list and I really don’t like being out here on that list and in public. I appreciate what you are doing and look you up every morning and every night.

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