With every mistake we must surely be learning

Post this under: Only morons believed it.. Poor schmuck. Here’s the other piece. Look familiar? Here’s a hint. Snopes is your friend. Always. And who cares anyway? OK, he did a good job. One of the tricks to a good photoshop job is getting the skin color accurate. Harder than you may think. Nice job. But why are we talking about it? It’s not like we haven’t seen Bill and Hillary’s heads slapped on to a number of other bodies and blue dresses.

Quit wasting our time. I don’t care that McCain has 13 cars. He has a large family. It’s not like he has a bunch of Hummers. I’m single and I have three cars. Some people collection shit when they get older. Or just get lazy and don’t sell it. At the current rate, I’ll have 13 cars by the times I’m 72. God knows you don’t want me to run for President. And the fact that I do just doesn’t matter. It ain’t an a-ha moment. The fact that he doesn’t know the economy is in the shitter is an a-ha moment. Fundamentals. Bullshit.

I care about this big bail out. It’s a socialist solution to a capitalist problem. It won’t work. The solution is simple. Banks will figure it out. Re-write the loans or go under. It’s simple shit. We don’t need to be bailing out these guys and their bad decisions. We’re not bailing out the individuals who made bad decisions. Why are we bailing out businessmen who made bad decisions? Screw them. No golden parachutes, you’re an asshole, you made bad decisions have fun living on $1800 a month.

No cycling today. Too much crap in my lungs. Maybe Thursday.

I forgot to add Tyson.  He’s a show dog, a rally dog and an obedience dog.  And why I love this breed.

[youtube SLOh0Ez62Cc]


  • dolphyngyrl

    He’s a meaty boy. Looks tall, too, but she could just be short.

    It amuses me that dobermans seem to always have people names instead of funky dog names. You know. Like Garbage.


  • The Brother

    Hey, I posted those pics, although I did identify them as probably fake. Fake, but funny. Garsh, if you can’t laugh at the idea of last years weathergirl getting crash courses in foreign relations (at the foot of Henry Kissinger, no less…. I mean, c’mon, that shXts funny.)

  • judir6

    Is that Michelle Kramer’s Tyson? If it is, I ALMOST got to run him. She and I get our raw meat from the same lady with the Ibezan hounds. Michelle lives about 4 miles from me….

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