So I’m begging you please man, don’t call the policeman

And now, something horrible happened in Dallas.  I have to say, it was just a matter of time.

This little gem was taken from a post when Eric Garner was killed back in 2014:

Here’s the deal and I’ve been talking about this for months.  Everyone talks about how few Realtors are actually good at their jobs.  About 10% will really rock your world.  Another 10-15% can do a decent job.  The next 60% are just average.  They don’t do anything amazing but they don’t screw up fantastically either.  The last 20% are thieves, liars and cheats.  Completely incompetent.  Think about the field you’re in.  The same thing is true.  It’s true for lawyers, it’s true in the military, it’s true for every other field out there.  Including policing.  The problem is cops have guns and interact with the general public.  So their screw ups are magnified.

The post was entitled “They have the authority to kill a minority”.  Damn.  I hate it when I’m that right.  And then when someone who is in the business actually agrees with me.  Goddamn.

Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II have the blood of the Dallas cops on their hands.  Jeronimo Yanez has the blood of the Dallas cops on his hands.  If they don’t violate the human rights of innocent black men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling are just fine and went to work yesterday.  And five Dallas cops went home to their families last night.  It’s on your hands.  And for the love of all things holy, you asshats trot out that “I was in fear for my life” bullshit and this country is going to erupt.

You can’t keep shooting black men and not expect the community to rise up.  I think we are on the verge of a 1968 riots situation.  I think the frustration level is that high.  And I think it’s fixin’ to boil over.  A lone gunman did a terrible thing in Dallas Thursday night.  A cop did a terrible thing in Falcon Heights last Wednesday.  Two cops did a terrible thing in Baton Rouge.  And it needs to stop.  If the police community does not address this problem with vigor, we are headed to a race war.  And we deserve it.


I’m a sniper with a hell of a scope

I’m going to vent my spleen today.  And with good cause.  The bulk of the white population of this country really does not understand what the black experience is.  And if I see one more white twat on Fox News talking about it, I might just lose my mind.

In the Bay Area we’re pretty integrated.  My friends are every machination of the rainbow.  But here’s the thing, if  you’re Filipino/black like one friend of mine, you’re black.  If you’re Japanese/black, you’re black.  If you’re white/black you’re black.  And you’re now at risk.  That’s right, perfectly innocent people who have some melanin in their skin are at risk.  Every one of them in America today.  And last night we got to watch it play out live on Facebook.

Philando Castile and his girlfriend and her 4yo daughter were driving down the road, minding their own business when a St. Anthony’s cop pulled them over for a broken taillight.


The big problem, besides they shot and killed a man for following instructions?  The tail lights worked fine.  He told the officer he had a gun, the officer told him to produce his identity.  Conflicting instructions by a cop.  Like that’s never happened before.  Their adrenaline rushes and they give conflicting instructions.  We pretend like they’re trained to the nines but they ain’t.  And he pumps at least three shots into the man.  In front of his girlfriend and her 4yo.  That cop shot him like a rabid dog.

This must end.  As far as I’m concerned the police state in this country needs to be dismantled.  They’ve proven over and over again that they cannot properly due their job without shooting the brown public.  Enough.  Enough.