How sweet the sound

Well this was a good week to be an American.

gay agenda


I gotta agree with 2001 Britney.

I am quite shocked that this SCOTUS arrived at this decision.  I thought the court was so loaded by the Bush’s that it could not arrive at this decision.  48 years after Loving v. Virginia they finally righted another wrong.  Well some of them.

Oh the irony!

Thanks Obama.

Speaking of irony, enjoy this little gem.

There should totally be some accountability for that one.

Next up, the confederate flag.  Last time I said the conversation would get confused.  Didn’t see the confederate flag thing coming, but seriously, why?  Take it down.  I’m part German.  I don’t fly a Nazi flag as part of my German heritage.  It was a horrible part of my heritage’s history, just like slavery was a horrible part of US history.  Take it down.  We all have a lot of bad history.  History is the past.  We make our future.  It should not involve racism, bigotry, or hate.

It really was quite a week.  The Boston Marathon bomber was sentenced this week too.  The Charleston shooter should get the exact same thing for what is essentially the exact same crime.  They hated a people that weren’t like them and they killed them.  They should both swing.

And finally, Obama.  If Presidential retirement ever gets old he should preach.  Seriously.  He tore it up yesterday.

He certainly doesn’t have a singing career in his retirement but he sure can preach it.



What it is

There are no words for how pissed I am at the right wing douchebags right now.

Nine church going Americans lie dead and these assholes are deliberately confusing the conversation.  They are doing it because they don’t want to face the fact that we are the only civilized nation that has this kind of gun violence.  The rest of the world is asking what the hell is wrong with us.  And I have to concur.  What the hell is wrong with us?

Rick Perry, total asshat that he is called it “an accident”.  Hey jackass!  Was it an accident the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th time he reloaded?  WTF?  WTF?  Not an accident.  A deliberate act of terrorism against black people.  Period.  It has nothing to do with Christianity.  I has everything to do with hate, racism and guns.  He hated black people.  He was a racist.  He killed them with guns.  Period.  End of story.  Everyone else?  STFU.  Period.

Oh I know, one of Rick Perry’s flying monkeys said he “misspoke”.  Bullshit.  Bullshit.  Did I say flying monkeys?  No, he’s the guy the follows the elephants in the 4th of July parade and scoops up the elephant shit.  That’s who said he misspoke.  Sick of it.

And seriously, what the hell is he talking about?

And Jeb Bush?  Arguably stupider than his idiot brother.  We don’t know if racism motivated white supremacist shooter?  Who we?  You got a turd in your pocket?  Any thinking person knows that a white supremacist is motivated by racism you ass clown!  You, are way too stupid to run this country.  Way too stupid.

Donald Trump.  STFU.  Seriously.  I bought the property from some Chinese guy?  STFU.

Who else?  Who else wants a piece of me this morning?

Until each and every one of us calls out racism, bigotry, sexism, prejudice of every kind when we see it, this nation will not change.  The thing is, it seems to me we are heading back to the 30’s.  At what point do we start segregating buses, lunch counters and water fountains again?  That seems to me to be exactly what Rick Perry, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump want.

So make lots of noise


Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.  Why do we care?  Seriously.  I’m not married to either one of them.  Who gives a shit?

Rachel Dolezal.  A little more interesting.  She’s not black enough because she’s white.  She’s too black because she’s white.  She is checking the wrong box on her Census form?  I guess.  It’s not like there isn’t a whole bunch of people out there living out their fantasies as someone who they aren’t or maybe someone they became.  It’s just that Jenner can go to the best Doctors in America and go through gender reassignment.  I don’t think you can go through race reassignment so Rachel, we’ve got a problem.

And then there’s this.

Laverne Cox is interesting to me in that she has a twin brother who plays Marcus pre-op.

At some point it’s going to be ok to just be human.  If you are a good, kind person that’s good enough.  If you’re a shit, you’re a shit.  You aren’t a white shit, or a black shit or a hispanic shit, you’re just a shit.

Speaking of shits, here is an interesting factoid that I did not know.  Crime went down in the 90’s and it has been attributed to Roe v. Wade.  What?  Women who got pregnant who didn’t have the desire or ability to raise children didn’t have them.  So unfit mothers had less children and less criminals were created and crime went down.

Fed Up the movie.  Watch it.  You know when you see something and you say “Goddammit!  I knew it!”  It’s like that.

Does either side have someone normal they are running for President?

I’m sorry.  I don’t give a shit about the Golden State Warriors.  They have won once in my lifetime.  Once.  I just don’t care.  Although Stephen Curry’s kid is awfully cute.  And Lebron is an asshole so there’s a good reason to root for the Warriors, if you gave a shit, which I don’t.

And I’m sick of advertisers wasting my time on youtube.  Enough.