The drug of a nation

Let’s have a fish fry today.

Interesting list of the most influential US winemakers.   I’ve met six of them.  Five of the six are in the top 20.  Three in the top three.  Kind of a charmed life I lead.

Not so fast buck-o.

2013-07-24 14.54.10What the hell is that you ask?

Here’s a hint.

IMG_4002  I tried to take a photograph so I could blow it up and see what it was.  Some strange bug on the door jam in my bedroom.  At 10pm at night.  My brain had been shut down for a couple of hours by then.  Well, it’s a black legged deer tick.  And that bite.  Yeah, probably that little bastard.  Unfortunately a lot of the advice I got last night involved salvaging that critter.  I knocked him down with a fly swat (as opposed to squishing him) and dumped him in the toilet.  If I had squished him there would have been blood all over my wall…something I didn’t know until he hit the water and I saw his little legs scrambling and I thought “Sonofabitch, that’s a tick”.

Now I’m scrambling to get into a Dr. who knows Lyme disease.  There have been points where that rash looks like a bullseye.  That’s not good.  I’d rather go through the protocol than have Lyme disease.  Danger: Medical adventure ahead.  The good news is I bought insurance a couple of months ago.  Now I have to find the policy and see what it covers.

This guy would get responsible gun owner of the day if not for this woman.  Hold on, she rented the gun.  Oh, that’s different.  Because her husband has filed a wrongful death suit against the gun range because she tried to do it once before and he says she should have been banned.  That almost makes sense.  Almost.  Can’t wait to hear from the family of the copycat suicide guy.

Just remember, all bets are off the minute the right says that Trayvon Martin would be alive today if he were packing.  Still waiting on that one.

Anthony Weiner, you are no Bill Clinton.  You are not going to come back from this one like he did.  Go home.  Please.  At least for a while until everything blows over.

It’s been a rough week here at The Farm.  I had to deal with some lack of loyal from a client early in the week that really rocked my little world.  I followed that up with another client who was buying VA.  I told him we were never going to get him a house and we needed to look at new construction.  I took him to Centex and signed him up there.  I talked to him last week and said “let’s go look at some other stuff”.  He went out alone and looked at it.  Unfortunately unless I am standing there to sign in with him, I don’t get paid on new construction.  $12,000 out the window after four months of working with the guy.  That’s the nature of the business but it really really sucks.  And Meritage Homes, that’s just plain bullshit.  I’m watching you assholes.

And where there’s muck, there’s  Gloria Allred.  Argh.  She’s right.

You’re welcome.


Drinking some and gambling, and tying up loose ends

Before you decide to have absolute faith in our justice system, consider this.

I got run over by a truck that is the Alameda County Superior Court.

On September 15, 2012 I got a ticket for not having a copy of my current insurance in the car.  Coincidentally and by happenstance, my insurance rolls on the 15th of September.  I receive the courtesy notice in the mail and make a copy of my new insurance card and pay the $25 dollar fine for not having it in the car.  Why wasn’t it in the car?  I run about six weeks behind in reading my personal mail.  I try and pull out the important stuff.  I did’t see it come in.

I receive back from the County of Alameda a letter denying my proof of insurance.  Say what?  It’s no good because it’s dated the same day as my ticket.  Here is verbatim what the letter said.

“Insurance proof is not valid.  Auto liability of insurance must show you had cover on the day you were stop.  Policy date shown on the exact day is not acceptable as proofs of correction”

Not only that, there was no further instructions in the letter.  OK, what do I do now?  I did nothing.  The next communication I received was a $910 fine, followed by a $1210 fine and a suspended license.  Seriously.

I go down to Alameda County to get in front of the judge and the clerk refuses.  She’s pretty much a bitch so I start yelling at her.  Here comes the Deputy.  Did I mention we are in Oakland?  I explain to the Deputy what my issue is and he says “You have a point, you need to speak with a supervisor”.  That bitch treats me like a criminal.  Finally she says “write a letter to the Traffic Commissioner”.  I do that the follow day.  Naturally it is a very well written letter with dates and facts and shit like that.  I mail in on a Friday.  How can you not respect this paragraph?

I have had CSAA for several years, (bank statements substantiating this are attached).  The fact that the ticket was issued on the renewal date is happenstance.  Perhaps I should have done a better job of following up at this point, however, in my defense, I did everything correctly and there were no futher instructions in the letter.  Judging by the quality of the English in the letter and in consideration of the lack of options that I was afforded (none) I responded accordingly and did nothing.  The fact is I provided the correct documentation and the fine in a timely manner.  The Court failed to respond correctly and left me no options of how I should proceed.

On Tuesday I receive a denial from some freaking clerk from the Alameda County Superior Court.  It never got to the Traffic Commissioner.

Now I am a real estate broker showing property with a suspended license.  And these assholes want me to pay them $1210 to get my license back even though I lost it because of their mistake.  I hire my attorney.  She has gotten me out of all sorts of nonsense, including failure to appears.  Yes, appears.  She’s done that more than once.  This is a simple fix it ticket.  Whiskey.  Tango.  Foxtrot!  She is denied too.  Are you kidding me?

Tomorrow I am paying the fine to the robber barons that do their collections so that I can get my driver’s license back.  I will spend two hours at the DMV tomorrow.  There are no words for the rage I have towards the County of Alameda Superior Court Traffic Division right now.  Their incompetence let a $25 fine turn into a $1255 fine.  Not counting the $400 I paid my attorney for them to ignore her.  It is just the government being thieves.  It’s wrong and my next step is filing a claim against the County.  They screwed with the wrong malcontent.

I feel that blood that pumps in beat

Oh. My.  God.  The Right Wing has their panties in a twist over the Zimmerman case.  Why Zimmerman’s Great-Grand whatever was black they whine.  And where is the justice for this Marine?

Just wait one minute there Buck-o.  Stop.  Rewind.  Play.  This was not a random racially motivated crime.  The victim and one of the suspects were friends.  The victim was invited to the party where he got hammered and was kicked out.  Then he sent a text message that lead to a parking lot fight that he started.  And it went to far.  And instead of calling an ambulance, they left him out there.  Because no one has ever made a bad decision while drunk and high on cocaine.  And then a taxi ran over him.

Did the fight result in the former (a word left out by the Right Wingnuts) Marine’s death?  I think so.  I don’t think it was the taxi or the drugs or the alcohol.  Are the four men culpable?  Absolutely.  And the difference is these four men will go to jail for Gamble’s death.  HELLO????  Like Zimmerman, they killed someone they didn’t set out to kill.  But Zimmerman who is predominately white got off and these four black men won’t.  They aren’t sitting in court with high paid attorneys in nice suits.  They are in jailhouse jumpsuits and chains and they will go to jail.  So, right wingnuts, kindly STFU.  You are a bunch of racist asshats.

For the record, Marines can be asshats too.  And they do bad things.


Like assassinate a sitting President.  Or go on a rampage after killing their wife.  Or commit heinous crimes.  Wake up Sheeple!

I’m waiting for Wayne LaPierre to have a press conference and say that if Trayvon Martin was carrying a weapon he would not have been killed that night.  I know it’s going to be a long wait, but I’m waiting.  Patiently.  Because I’ve been hearing that argument over and over again.  If the teachers at Sandy Hook had pistols it never would have happened.  If Trayvon Martin had a pistol it never would have happened.

Did you know that some white supremacist shit stain who goes by the monicker Klanklanon broke into Martin’s email looking for evidence that he was a drug dealer?  Yep.  He found a bunch of college applications.  So the white supremacist hacker changed Martin’s password to something really racist because he’s such a model citizen.  Disgusting.

So you know what young black men are doing in America today?  The same shit as everyone else.  And things like this.

And what do I have to say to all the people who can’t get past the “race” thing?  Two words.


Bitch, you better run a check

I could go on and on about the trial down in Florida, but it’s in Florida.  And that State is just full of idiots.  Hanging Chad?  Check.  Safe haven for OJ until he beat up some guy in Vegas?  Check.  And now they unapologetically tell a young black man’s family that he got what he deserved for walking home in the rain with a hood up over his head.

Here’s where we go off the reservation.  I think the jury got it right.  According to Florida law.  Thank the NRA for this one.  Wha?  Yep.  Here is a great article from the former Miami Police Chief.  He blames Florida law.  I think he makes very valid points.  Jonathan Turley, George Washington Law Professor dude and MSNBC talking head thinks the jury got it right.  Get this, he qualifies it by saying it wasn’t charged properly.  Melissa Harris-Perry Tulane professor and for my money one of the smartest people on television had an interesting show over the weekend.  Her show alleges that this case was lost before it started.  In that scenario the conservative District Attorney is forced to charge Zimmerman to appease the African American constituency.  So she overcharges Zimmerman in a case they cannot win so he walks and she can say “See, I did my job” the cracker contingency is happy as Zimmerman walks, and she gets re-elected.  Win-win.  I question that she is that smart, but it’s an interesting hypothesis.

Whether that is ridiculous or not remains to be seen.  This is ridiculous.  Robert Zimmerman Jr.


“There are factions, there are groups, there are people that would want to take the law into their own hands as they perceive it, or be vigilante’s in some sense,” he told Morgan during the live interview. “They think that justice was not served, they won’t respect the verdict no matter how it was reached and they will always present a threat to George and his family.”

At the end of the day, George Zimmerman was told by the police to not follow Trayvon Martin and to not get out of his car.  He did neither and a young man is dead.  Zimmerman stays in his car and there is no fight, no threat to Zimmerman and no need to shoot anyone.  This would have never gone this way in California, mostly because as squirrely as our jurys can be, we don’t have a Stand Your Ground law.  And now we know why they are stupid.

I’m not part of a redneck agenda

I can’t leave this one alone.  I tried.  I can’t do it.  Neither could this guy.

Who are all of these complete jackasses supporting Paula Deen?  Who are you people?  Let me help.  A bunch of ignorant racist assholes.  That’s who.  Read this and tell me this is  acceptable workplace behavior.  I defy you.  It’s impossible.  How would you like to work for her drunken brother who brought porn to work?  And kissed you and called you a “little Jew girl”?  You see, she said these things to a white woman because she thought it was ok.  It wasn’t.  So STFU all you Walmart shopping, NASCAR watching, diabetes cases.  Just STFU.  Oh, she has a right to free speech they say.  Yes she does.  And the Food Network has the right to not renew her contract because she’s toxic now.  And Home Depot has a right to discontinue their relationship, because she’s toxic now.  And Target has a right to discontinue her line, because she’s toxic now.  Society has the right to vilify her and marginalize her for behavior that is outside of social norms.  The government does not have the right to put her in jail for being an ignorant, racist southerner.  Oh she’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  No, idiot.  It’s not a criminal case, it’s a civil case.  There is not such thing as guilty in a civil case, you sorry ass inbred knuckle dragger.  Kindly STFU you are too stupid to know what you are talking about.  Yet in America, you people keep talking.

Scalia.  How can you be so wrong on two different subjects two days in a row?  How is that possible?  What a nutbag.  Here is a Louisiana Voter LIteracy Test from 1964.  Go ahead and fill it out.  I’ll wait.  Get it?  You didn’t use the Google did you?  The same people who have been gerrymandering elections for the last 20 years have a slew of voter disenfranchisement laws and rules all queued up now that the Voter Rights Act has been gutted.  Watch for it.  It’s coming.