And I have made up my mind that those days are gone

Both Arizona and Florida, bastions of intellectual thinking have implemented drug testing for welfare recipients.  They will tell you that if you have enough money to buy drugs you don’t need government assistance   Sounds reasonable right?  Ah silly you, listening to our sound byte society.  Since 2009 Arizona has tested 87000 people.  Yes.  87,000.  At a cost of $30-$40 per test.  They caught exactly one drug abuser.  One.  So they spent upwards of $3,000,000 to save $560 by not paying that one drug addict.  Well done idiots.  Who wins?  The drug test manufacturer and the drug test company who got fat contracts from a bunch of stupid old white people who spend too much time listening to Sheriff Joe and that shriveled up excuse for a Governor they have.  See, it pays to scare old people.

Oh!  Just think of all the people who didn’t take the drug test because they knew they were going to get caught!  Once again.  Idiots.  It’s a little more than 1% of the total.  And since when did drug addict make good decisions anyway?  Who is the dumb one here?  The People of the State Arizona or the drug addicts?

Let’s take a quick look at Florida.  Also a bastion of forward thinking.  And stupid old white people.  Similar law, similar result.  Arizona asks people before they test them if they are taking drugs, some opted out (the one percenters) Florida tested 4086 people.  108 failed.  Florida spent $118,140 testing for drugs and found 108 mostly pot smokers. That States total loss for the program $45,780.  Dear Right Wing Teabillies, I can save you some money right here you idiots.

The thing is we get sold a bill of goods by companies.  We’re putting all these people in prisons right now but the prisons are being privatized which means somebody makes money if people are in prisons.  Get it?  We drug test, not because it’s going to save us money but because we don’t want to let some welfare grandma who doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to through it out of  smoke the reefer.  What the hell is wrong with us?

Which brings me to my next article which I am not going to expound on today.  I am just going to ask you to go read it, er digest it, and be prepared to discuss it.  There are evil empires in the food industry and they do not give a crap about your health.  That’s why 57% of this country is now obese.  So what’s the solution to obesity?  Why the gastric band or the gastric sleeve, just call your Doctor to get one!  High cholesterol?  Not to worry!  Call you Doctor to get Lipitor!  Mr Happy doesn’t work any more?  Not to worry we have a gazillion different drugs to solve that and every one is paid for by Medicare!  It’s not like that nasty birth control stuff they don’t pay for.  Low T?  Not to worry, call you Doctor and ask for our new drug.  You can use it just like an underarm deodorant!  Just don’t get any on your prepubescent children, that could be bad.

Don’t lift a goddamn finger to do any more than you absolutely have to.  Just buy more shit from us.  We’ll keep getting rich and you’ll keep getting sick.



Garden gnomes on the grassy knoll

No, I don’t know why that amuses me so much.  I think it was the Full Monty where the guy was taking care of his garden gnomes and somebody stole them and had them dance around while some other guy was at an interview.  I remember laughing hysterically and not being able to stop.  Because they’re garden gnomes.

I don’t believe there were two shooters.  I don’t believe there was a conspiracy.  I think a nut with a gun killed Kennedy.  He got lucky and did maximum damage with two shots.  I’ve read most of the conspiracy stuff.  I don’t believe it.  Oswald did it and the world changed that day.

I’ve got to give credit to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas.   They captured the times.  The presentation was very good.  There was lots of video from the time including speeches made by Kennedy in the first election, the Bay of Pigs incident and the election of 1964.  The Bay of Pigs is such an interesting piece of our history.  Khurschev backing down was really unprecedented.  Yet, if he hadn’t the world would be a much different place.  Florida in particular.  And of course Castro would have been a grease stain.

It is particularly freaky to stand in the same area that Oswald would have stood when he shot the 35th President of the United States and the last President to have been assassinated.

Kennedy’s assassination is the first national event I remember as a child.  I was in kindergarten.  I don’t know if we were sent home early or if because we were the morning class we went home on time.  I just remember the television being on during the day.  As I child I didn’t know that was possible.  I don’t know how much my mother had the television on, or if was even possible for my father to conduct business back then.  I would think it would have been like 9/11 where no business went on for several days.  I remember the caisson and I remember Black Jack.


The Marine who stood guard at the head of Kennedy’s casket lent his sword to the museum which was kind of cool.  Naturally the rifle wasn’t there, or any of the real evidence but it was a very interesting display.  I’m just sad that this little man didn’t live long enough to run for office.  I really think he could have changed the world.


Sugar sugar water mix mix

Where to start?

I just got home from five days in Dallas.

Am I the only one that finds it curious that these cardinals are being deposed before getting on a plane to the Vatican to vote on the new Pope?  Isn’t there something fundamentally wrong with the Catholic church at this point?

I am seeing such incredible stupidity right now that I just wonder what the hell is wrong with people.  A classic from Mr. Stewart who is sadly a better source of news than the Faux news station in this country.

I kind of want to punch that lady in the face. How stupid do you have to be? Yeah, I pretty much kept my mouth shut while I was in Texas. Dallas ain’t Austin.

I got cable for the Super Bowl. I haven’t had cable in four years. I’ve gone four years without commercials from the drug companies. We are a bunch of stupid lazy shits. In one of Gary Keller’s four talks that I heard he spoke of being diagnosed with high cholesterol in his mid-30’s. The prescribed Lipitor and sent him on his way. One problem. He was the 1% that had a rare side affect where his legs were for lack of a better word “agitated” by the drug. He went to Dr after Dr to no avail. Finally one Dr. did recognize it as a rare side affect and tried several other drugs to manage his cholesterol. Finally Gary decided to implement a diet and exercise plan and went off the drug on his own. When he went back for a check up his numbers were normal. The Dr. said “Oh this one’s working”, Gary said “No, I went off that four months ago and started eating right and moving my body more.”

The drug companies want to sell you shit. That’s why they advertise on television. Eat right and move more. That is all.

BTW another thing he mentioned was the fact that his first wife ran around on him and then left him. How would you like to be the idiot that ran around on that guy? Karma, she’s a bitch.

At the end of the day I got cable for $19 a month. I can live with that. I’m still watching my Netflix, I just now get to see Rachel Maddow at night, if I remember. She disemboweled Ted Cruz last night.

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What the hell is the matter with us? The Brother says the point of college is to teach you how to think. For the love of God, think people. Think!

Santiago died because he had no code

I’m going to say it, because it needs to be said.  I think Christopher Dorner was right.  His method was wrong.   I am willing to bet the other cop did kick the suspect, his report was not a false one and he was wrongfully dismissed.

Unless you’ve lived in Southern California and paid attention you don’t know how bad the LAPD’s history really is.  I will never forget, and I bet Old Title Guy remembers, the football player from USC who got picked up on a drunk in public and ended up hanged under the care of the LAPD.  I remember the kid had a 3.5 GPA and had no reason to kill himself, yet there he was hanging in his cell.  It was clear that he had also been beaten.  Darrell Gates was still running the show back then.  The dead footballer that evoked the comment from the LAPD that the negros just “died easier”.  Talk about a W.T.F. moment.  Say what?

The Oakland Police Department was taken over by a Federal judge ten years ago in an effort to stem the bullshit that was going on there.  Oakland, like Los Angeles is a tough town to police.  So is San Francisco, but for the most part SFPD does a much better job than the other two.  They sure don’t have many college students hanging in their cells.

I think Christopher Dorner ran face first into the Blue Curtain and was consumed by it.  I think he started out a decent guy and lost his way.  Mightily.

Real change in this country is messy.  That goes back to the real tea party clear through the 60’s, ACT-UP in the 80’s.  After years of abuse by the LAPD, as wrong as he was, maybe this guy losing his mind is the catalyst for change.  If so, it’s pretty sad that it took this much for someone to pay attention.

The human side of this is the damage he did to so many families.  The first two murders were particularly heinous.  After that he was just another cop killer.  Those guys all had people who loved them.  Those families are shattered forever.

I wonder with all of this if he managed to pierce the Blue Curtain or strengthen it.  Will this finally shine God’s flashlight on the racism and abuse in the LAPD?  Or does it make it worse?