Wait a minute honey I’m gonna add it up

If I had ADD I could go about 35 different directions today.

Hil on the Hill could definitely provide some fodder.  Unfortunately, some folks chose a battle of wits with her and proved themselves to be unarmed.  Without pants.



I could discuss in depth the conspiracy theory that the latest mass killings were orchestrated by the NRA and the gun lobby to increase gun sales, because that is exactly what happened.  The gun manufacturers will be enjoying their best year ever.  The stupidity never ends.

But I am going to vent my spleen.  Let’s spend a few minutes with the job creators.  You know, the clowns that are paying less taxes than you or me?  Yeah those guys.


Yes, that contains 10 examples where CEO’s made more than the entire company paid in taxes.  But today is about how this trickles down into the real world.  My world in particular.

I took a listing back in August.  It was a slam bam thank you ma’am situation.  The listing is a condo in Walnut Creek in a highly desired neighborhood.  The property was originally purchased by a gentleman who contracted colon cancer and passed away about 18 months later.  At the time he was my age.  He moved this condo, which was an investment property, into a trust.  It had a first with Chase and a second with PNC Bank.

PNC ATM & Branch Search Results

If this works properly it will show you that there is not a PNC Bank location within 100 miles of my office.  Truth is, there is not  a PNC Bank in the State of California.  I have never heard of them until this transaction.

When the trust distributed his two young daughters (22 and 23) inherited the property.  There was a tenant in the property.  The rent was $600 a month shy of the monthly nut on the property.  For the next five years the sisters liquidated their inheritance to pay the notes on this condo.  Last August their Aunt, a friend of mine, told them to call me and dump the condo.

I sold the condo in 10 days with 22 offers.  Then began the short sale process.  I don’t usually use names but this assklown screwed me royal so Scott Chaney was the negotiator assigned to this file by Chase.  As a rule, if they sound stupid on the phone they probably are.  In the course of the conversation with Scott, a call initiated by him as an introduction call to the file I said “I don’t even know who this PNC Bank is, I guess I’ll have to google them and figure out what to do with them”.

Scott  “We’ll take care of that.”  Really?

“Do you mean that Chase will take care of the pay off on the second?” I probed.

“Yes” said Scott.

“You mean I don’t have to submit a second package to some bank I’ve never heard of?” I continued.

“Yes, we’ll take care of it you don’t need a second package.”

Sadly, Scott was talking out of his ass.  I thought Chase had gobbled up PNC Bank.  As a matter of fact when I was later screaming at Chase I pointed out that this loan was originally a Washington Mutual loan and they had gobbled up that company.  It wasn’t that big of a stretch to think Chase had also gobbled up PNC.  But they hadn’t.  And Scott was full of shit.  And I was screwed.

Chase finally approved the sale in November and we proceeded towards close, thinking that the holder of the second was getting paid.  But they weren’t.  On December 17th the escrow officer asks for the loan number of the second to show on the letter.  I call Chase.  No response.  I call them three more times on Monday, four times on Tuesday, four times on Wednesday, now we are to Thursday the day it is supposed to close.  Two more calls and finally my phone rings and it’s Chase.  Some ignorant bitch names Terami Marshall is on the phone.  Thirteen calls on a file set to close that week and she finally returns a call on the fourth day.  Why might I hate her?  One of the first statements out of her mouth was “Have you ever done a short sale before?”  Are you freaking kidding me you ignorant little twit????  HAVE YOU?

It is now close day and I don’t have approval of the second because Scott Chaney told me that I didn’t need it.  And Terami Marshall is asking me if I have ever done a short sale before.

It’s hard to explain what happens to you as a real estate agent physiologically when something like this happens.  It’s almost like hearing there was a horrible accident.  A feeling of shear horror goes through your soul.  First off, you’re not getting paid today.  In my case, that wasn’t an issue at the time, I had already closed three deals in December, this was the fourth.  Second, now you have to tell your clients.  It wasn’t my fault, I suppose I should have googled PNC Bank at the time, that extra step would have saved me a lot of heartache, but I didn’t.  I trusted what a Chase employee  told me and he was full of shit.  My clients should have been out of this dog in December, but now it’s late January and their credit is being destroyed as they quit paying in October when the tenant moved out.  Third, I have to call the buyer’s agent who may or may not have had enough closings to not be impacted by this five days before Christmas.  They will experience something similar and they will have to tell their buyer that he doesn’t get his condo today.  The adrenaline shot your body gets during this phone call can end your day.  It’s that intense.

In the five days before Christmas I ran around trying to figure out who held the second.  PNC Bank has the worst automated voicemail system I have ever dealt with.  It is impossible to talk to a real person.  My title rep pointed me to PNC Mortgage.  We drew up the package and went over there on Christmas Eve to hand deliver it.  Let’s add to the mix that my mother fell and broke her hip on December 23 and I had spent the bulk of the night at Kaiser.  And don’t forget Sister Morphine woke me up at 5:47am.  Oh yeah, and my clients both live out of town, one in Southern California the other out of country.  One was in town for four days at Christmas.  So yes, on Christmas Eve we marched down to PNC Mortgage where one guy was at work.  He had no idea what to do and gave us a phone number to call which ultimately didn’t work.  The good news, it was Christmas Eve and because Sister Morphine was laid up at Kaiser there was not going to be a Christmas for my family, I didn’t have any thing else to do so I pushed and pushed until I got the correct information and faxed in the package.  Here is where the job creators could have made the difference.

I had the package in to the bank on the 24th.  I called on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 31st pushing for the package to be uploaded.  Then I called on the 2nd, 3rd and finally on the 4th an employee told me that most of the department was on vacation and I should wait until the 8th or 9th to call back.  I have had idiot emails with PNC asking for things like the dead guy’s name on documents.  He’s been gone for five years, his name was removed five years ago.  His death certificate, a copy of his bank statements that are no more than 45 days old.  Seriously.  Why?  Because PNC Bank is saving money by not hiring enough staff or training them properly.  Job creators.  Bullshit.

In the meantime the 3rd party on the Chase loan expired and they refused to talk to me and wouldn’t tell me why they wouldn’t talk to me.  Turns out that little twit Terami Marshall closed the file on December 20th.  Why?  Because I didn’t have approval on the second.  The same second that Scott Chaney told me I didn’t have to worry about that he would take care of it.  Now I have to start all over again with Chase.  Thankfully I was home alone when I got the news.  I reacted the same way Harbaugh did when the refs blew that call in the NFC Championship game.



And I feel completely justified in totally losing my shit at that point.  The corporate drone that took that call made the mistake of saying “I understand that you are yelling at me at the top of your lungs.”  No honey, I have toned it down because I know you just got this file.  I can yell lots louder and will before this is all said and done.

I escalated the file on Friday.  The escalation department told me that the negotiators had so many files on their desks that they couldn’t return phone calls for 48 to 72 hours, if at all.  Really.  Because if you assholes really were job creators you’d find some people who needed jobs, train them and clear up the backlog instead of overworking the few employees you hire.  And why don’t they hire any more?  Because they are beholden to their corporate and Wall Street jobs.  At what point do we as the people say “Enough!”  At what point?

Looking for a new fool

I think I just saw dumbest meme of the day.  Already.  At 8:15.  It was a picture of Kent State saying that the Kent State Massacre by government goons happened because the students weren’t armed.  Seriously?  How stupid do you have to be?  The funny thing is the person who posted this is my age.  Erego, he should know that Nixon was President in 1970, the students were “dirty hippies” back then and the idea that they would have guns would have gotten the entire country in a twist.  Let’s see, who on the left had guns back then…hmmm the Black Panthers, The Weather Underground (you know that guy Bill Ayers that Obama met once when he was 7 years old, yeah that guy) the SDA which ended up splintered and the SLA who ended up kidnapping Patty Hearst.  Back then we didn’t want any of those guys to have guns.  Or explosives.

So drawing parallels between Kent State and today’s radical gun owners couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If you’d like a better parallel, connect the dots between the SLA and the NRA, shorter journey.  That’s right, this year’s radicals are the NRA.  Don’t make me find Daddy Bush’s resignation letter from the NRA.  Too late.

Now, Fox News.  You can’t have it both ways.  You just can’t.  The fact that you exist is proof positive that Obama is not a dictator, a king, a fascist, a communist, a socialist or any of the other asinine monikers you use because you are too stupid to intelligently debate real facts.  Truly, I kind of wish he was so you and all of your idiotic follows would go away.


The thing about the internet is that it provides a forum for the true nutjobs to state their case, present company, notwithstanding. Did you know that there are a bunch of whackjobs out there that think that Sandy Hook was staged in order for Obama to take away everyone’s guns?  Seriously.  Or better yet, this caller in to 1020KOAN.com in Alaska.  Obama “made the Sandy Hook shooting happen” to get re-elected.  When it was pointed out to the mouthbreather that Sandy Hook happened a month after the election he responded “that’s your opinion”.  No.  That’s what we call a fact.

Let’s end with a Joe Biden quote, because I think a Joe Biden reality show would be just awesome.

“As one hunter told me, if you got 12 rounds, it means you already missed the deer 11 times.  You should pack the sucker in. You don’t deserve a gun, period, if you’re that bad.”

Here is proof positive, to repeat a meme, It’s Gun Appreciation Day because Indifference to Dead Children Day doesn’t have the same ring to it.

You’re welcome.

Happiness Is a Warm Gun

If there was a contest for the biggest asshole of 2013, I have the nominee right here.  And God help us if any one comes close to these asshats.

Quite honestly, it makes me want to take a potshot at Wayne St. Pierre.  With an AR-15.  With a 100 round drum.  Not that I want to shoot anyone, just to prove once and for all, he’s full of shit.  Not only is the ad disgusting as to content, but it’s wrong.  Dead wrong.  Number one, the President’s kids have always had access to the Secret Service because we don’t want some rogue something or other kidnaping the President’s children and holding the nation for ransom.  Hello?  BTW, you can’t call Obama a fascist a socialist a king or a communist if you produced that ad and you aren’t rotting away in the equivalent of a Turkish prison.  Idiots.

When is this family of whack jobs going to be sent home?  Why does anyone listen to them?

Here is the truth about guns.  Armed guards were present at this incident.  Actually arguably the best in the world were present at this incident.  And the President of the United States was shot and James Brady was critically injured.

What makes these asshats think that Barney Fife at an elementary school is going to be able to stop anything.  I hope to God that PBE readers know why it’s called the Brady Bill.  Feinstein takes a lot of grief for her assault weapon ban but I defy any one to match her personal history as a citizen.  Unless you are the one person who spoke to Dan White between the assassination of George Moscone and Harvey Milk, had the windows of your house shot out and had a bomb set in front of your house, you don’t get to talk here.  I assure you very few of these gun nuts have had one of these things happen on American soil.  Nor are they in any position to have any of them happen.  The idea the the US government is going to come and I don’t even know what these knuckleheads think is going to happen is paranoid and delusional.  The biggest threat from the government is a wrong door raid.  If you’re armed to the teeth and shooting back, you’re dead.  If you’re compliant you have a suit against the government and you live to fight another day.  Which is better?

I love to pick on Feinstein and her helmet hair, but the truth of the matter is she has always been a reasonable voice for the people.  She’s so filthy rich is just doesn’t matter for her, so she does what she thinks is best.  If she’s a Democrat that aggravates me, she’s flying right down the middle which is where this country should be run from.  That’s where Clinton stayed and let’s see, we did okay under him.  The jackass Republicans spent a tremendous amount of taxpayer money on a blow job, which at the end of the day, didn’t matter to Clinton and surely didn’t matter to Hillary.  Kenneth Starr did ok, he spent around $7.2 million taxpayer dollars on that.  For what?  I know Clinton lied.  Because oh my god we have never been lied to by a politician before.  Or since.





Look at how the time goes past.

I hate when life throws you a curveball.  Last Thursday was Mom’s 85th birthday.  If she hadn’t taken a header on the 23rd she would have been in remarkable shape for her birthday.  Normally when someone falls and breaks their hip, they aren’t sure what happened, which brings in the dichotomy of did they fall and break their hip or did the hip break and they fell?  Not Mom.  She was doing something she shouldn’t have been doing, trying to slip between the sofa and the coffee table and stepped on her own foot and went down.  She was absolutely fine until that moment.  She tottered down to the local store with her shopping cart and picked up little things she needed.  She did her own laundry.  She was just fine.  Then everything changed.

It was a very bad break.  And it’s been a very rough three weeks.  She’s had two more adventures back to Kaiser with atrial fibrillation and rapid heart rate.  I am not surprised by this because her body is under a tremendous amount of stress.  The body is stressed when there is a trauma to it.  In her case there has been two.  The break and the surgery.  Old folks have a tough time with changes in scenery.  My mother hasn’t spent a night outside of her condo since the day they moved in five years ago.  She spent a week at Kaiser, ten days at the Skilled Nursing Facility, two days at my house and finally her own house.  That’s stressful for an old girl.  She’s been home for four nighst now and she’s much better.  She’s going to need a little more help than she needed before, but her recovery has been remarkable.

duke and mom

Duke was extremely glad to see her.  It was very cute to see this old dog doing such a happy dance.

The thing that has been sending me to the moon is the bullshit answers we get from Kaiser.  Never anything substantial or useful.  Every phone call from them is preceded by the sentence “The co-pay on this is____”  I really want to punch one of them in the face.  I should start every Kaiser conversation with “If you say the word “co-pay” I am going to punch you in the face” and see if they can form a sentence without that phrase.  Then when you actually ask them for real answers to what’s going on you get a bunch of double talk and shrugged shoulders.  That pisses me off.

Friday night she went back to Kaiser in another ambulance with her ticker doing the rumba, not that it runs in the family or anything.  She doesn’t remember three of the other four ambulance rides.  She got the same team that originally brought her in.  They ran an EKG at her house and Kaiser said “take her” and they did.  We got to Kaiser and while my mom is feisty anyway, she was particularly feisty on Friday night.  We’d delivered her now very late Christmas presents and her 85th birthday presents and a cake.  She’d had a couple of scotches and she wasn’t in the mood for their bullshit.  The last two trips to the Kaiser ER had taken 5 1/2 hours each.  Mine ended at 1am when they finally checked her in with a broken hip.  The Brother’s ended in daylight after they left a heart patient in the hallway connected to nothing.  I know we all watch too many medical shows but it seems to me that a heart patient who came in on an ambulance should have been hooked up to something.  Something tells me this is not the last of that little complaint.

We arrived at the changing of the shift so the evening shift was getting off and she was assigned to a night shift doctor.  After 45 minutes of waiting she’d had enough and was pushing the button for the nurse who was giving her a bullshit answer.  I had gotten up at 4:15 that morning so by 12:30am, I’m not very pretty, by any stretch of the imagination.  I was threatening to do chair races in the hallway until they paid attention to us.  Even the perennially even tempered Auntie was getting her cranky pants on.  As far as I was concerned that was permission to run amok.  In comes the Doctor.  He looks like a reject from Grey’s Anatomy.  He’s the guy that they ran out.  He paces back and forth around the old woman a few times only adding to our aggravation.  He basically says “There is nothing wrong with you, you are an old lady and shit happens.  Go home.”  But I kind of want to punch him in the face.  A lot.  The old woman is not happy and Auntie has mouthed her opinion to me, calling him a jackass.  After my mother questions him a couple of more times he finally gives her some criteria for coming in and some things that might avoid a ride in the ambulance and hours at Kaiser.  We’re all aggravated but they are releasing her so I will get to go home after being up for 22 hours straight.  As far as I’m concerned it’s a bridge we’ll cross on Monday.  All I can think of is this.

In retrospect he was probably right.  Tim Daly would not have liked his delivery.  This morning she’s making an appointment with a cardiologist but I don’t think it’s any big deal at this point.  My theory is the best doctors have the worst bedside manner.  I think that was this guy’s problem.  And the Chief would have fired him from Seattle Grace.

The second thing I realized was that Kaiser emergency isn’t a real emergency.  It’s more of an urgent care.  Three trips and we didn’t see one car wreck, one fight, one knifing, one gunshot, one bloody mess come in.  That’s because that stuff goes to John Muir’s trauma center up the street.  Kaiser’s ER is full of old people with fluttering hearts, broken hips and strokes.  It’s full of dehydrated kids with the flu and pregnant ladies.  That’s it.  They don’t do the hard stuff there.  So leaving an old lady with a fluttering heart in the hallway is kind of…well douche.

I just think the health care bill did not go far enough.  It was hijacked by special interests like everything else.  If it had gone far enough the insurance companies would be out of the health care business.  Their job would be to mitigate the government’s loss on catastrophic cases only.  We wouldn’t be told we had to buy insurance, we’d have an additional tax and get all the care we needed.  Our healthcare should have been modeled after the Canadians or the Germans.  The fact that the Germans have given us the Mercedes and the BMW should make us wonder what they are doing right that we could learn from them.  Not to sneer at them because they are “European”.  That’s just the stupidity of the right wing nut media.

Since I have been in and out of hospitals for the last three weeks I’ve seen a lot more television than I have seen in the last four years.  What got me was this commercial.

We’ve seen plenty like it, but the fact that a company makes money from selling a product that makes you feel better after you go out and eat a bunch of crap that’s going to ultimately kill you, well that’s just a little douche.

Dug our treasures there

Now it’s time for the year end wrap up.  As you all know, there are no resolutions, only goals.  Well, I broke that rule last year.

rose rifle

After getting involved with a rifle full of tequila.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  After we all went around the table and everyone said their New Year’s Resolutions, it got to me.  My “I don’t make resolutions” declaration did not fly.  So I resolved to:

  1. Not get any speeding tickets for 2012
  2. Not do business with any more crazy people.

Done and done.

Now for the rest of the year end review.  Purple represents positive progress but goal not achieved.  Green is achieved, red is just stinking up the place.

  1. Three closings per month, every month. -Did not quite make it.  I closed 18 transactions last year.  I am happy with that.  It puts me in the top 10.
  2. Raise average net commission to $7000 <—not that far off, currently $6100. This means raising average sale to $265,000 as my average side is 2.65% -Tore the cover off the ball on this one.  $8184 per side.  
  3. Lose that goddamn 50 pounds Meh.  I took of 23, gained 5 back over the past two weeks.  Not a total win but not a total loss.
  4. Raise $5000 for the AIDS/Lifecycle <click here to support my rideAnother big win.  $5200 last year.  Thank you all for your support!
  5. Squat 225, Bench 300 and deadlift 350 in competition. -Stunk up the place on this one.  Squat 175, Bench 175 and Deadlift 255.  Blech.
  6. Ride at 15mph -11.7.  Another stinker, but part of that was that I didn’t start taking off weight until August.
  7. New car.  It’s that or a bus pass, the BMW is really over my bullshit. -If I had made goal #1 this one would be done.
  8. Landscape. -Oy.
  9. Eliminate personal debt -Not great but not bad.  About 47% of it is gone.  Keeping in mind that it was so bad that any one else would have filed bankruptcy.  How bad?  I would be halfway to a new BMW Active-E 5 series if not for the debt.
  10. Remodel main bath -didn’t happen.

The problem with working at the Cult of Red is the rabbit holes.  They are everywhere.  One of the big ones was this thing called “BOLD”.  It’s an eight week training program.  Everyone swears by it.  By week 5 I was ready to kill myself.  It was, for me, basically first year crap that I had already learned, and a bunch of rah rah stuff, which naturally pisses me off.  I finished the class but it took me out of my business for eight full days that I could have used to, I don’t know, do my laundry?  The problem is most people won’t do what they need to do to run their business.  I don’t have a problem with that, because I don’t have a choice.  I run my business or I live in a refrigerator box under the 680.

I got caught up in some other Cult of Red rabbit holes last year.  Once I recognized what was happening, I put a stop to it.  I have made a pinky swear with two other agents in the office to reject rabbit holes.  Each of us has a plan for running our businesses.  If the rah rah event of the moment does not fit into our business plan, it doesn’t happen.  Period.  When it comes up, we look at each other and raise the pinky and it’s done.  We have already rejected two harebrained ideas.  It felt good.  I had to learn to say “no” and not feel bad about it.  I’m there.

One of my big issues last year was that I reached critical mass and didn’t know what to do.  The way my business was set up, I could not add one more thing to it or the wheels were coming off.  I let leads slip by simply because I was too busy to handle them.  I recalibrated everything over the last month so I can handle exponentially more than what I was doing.

I learned that once I’m on the other side it will be smooth sailing.  I just need to break through.  It was a tough fight for sure.  Last month I came within a rat’s ass hair of being handed back my license for crappy files.  I was so overwhelmed I didn’t even know what was wrong with them.   It was my biggest fear and it came true.  I set up systems so it doesn’t happen again.

So without further ado.

  1. Lose the last 31 pounds
  2. Raise $7500 for the AIDS/Lifecycle
  3. Six closings every month
  4. Raise average sale price to $375,000.  It’s currently $315,000
  5. Ride at 15mph
  6. Squat 230, bench 300, dead lift 435
  7. New car
  8. Eliminate personal debt
  9. Landscape
  10. Remodel main bath
  11. Build mud room

I think I’m closer to getting this all done this year than ever before.  I know what to do and what not to do.  I’m really good at doing my job.  Lots of realtors will sit around in the pajamas all day.  I’m not like that.  When I did REO work we used to joke about sitting around in our pajamas all day, but that was a different sort of business.  It was full of paperwork for the bank.  Real estate is full of people work.  Clients just don’t drive up to your house to see if you’re dressed and want to take their listing or show them property.

I don’t know where I finished the year, definitely in the top ten, but I got as high as #6 last year in the office.  This year it is my plan to take out number one.  I know how she runs her business.  She’s very good.  She could be much better.  I identified her when I first got to the Cult of Red as the one to chase.  At the time she wasn’t the number one agent.  She did that this year.  Her little ship is coming apart just like mine.  The question is who makes better adjustments.  The nice thing about the Cult of Red is that we share our experiences.  She is one of the two that I have the pinky swear with.  She goes down rabbit holes too.  If she stops that she could be terrifying.  I have to be better.  I like the competition and I like the company that I am keeping.

I got through the year without having to put down a single dog.  I needed that.  Losing Ike the year before was a tough one.  Miss Cleo is chugging along.  I know every day is a blessing with her.  She’s a great dog.  I hope to get Bill a new home before the end of January.  He’s a great dog but he’s the one that upsets the apple cart.  And he’s number five.

My mom falling and breaking her hip on the 23rd sure jacked up the holidays.  And my plans to take a week off.  But she’s got a partial replacement for Christmas and everything went pretty well.  She is scheduled to come home on the 8th.  It could have been much worse so I am thankful that she is healing well.

For the most part 2012 was a break through year for me.  I know I still have to break the sound barrier but if I hang on I know I can break the sound barrier.  And I know it’s smooth sailing on the other side.

In her glass was a bleeding man

It’s time for the Wine Dog’s 2012 rehash.  We’ve seen everybody else’s list.  Well, my list is stuff that pissed me off.

“Something has gone terribly wrong when the biggest threat to our American economy is the American Congress” ~Senator Joe Manchin

One can only hope.  Seriously, what kind of nitwit takes an imagine pledge to a freaky little twit who uses the term “poopyhead” in a political setting on national television?  Grover Norquist be gone!

The idea that there are non-negotiables for the most part is ridiculous.  The fact that millionaires pay less taxes than you or me should not be a non-negotiable when it comes to raising taxes.  Raising taxes on the middle class should not be, although I think most of the problems can be solved by closing loopholes at the high end.  The attitude of those at the top does not make them job creators.  It makes them greedy.  The job creators now come from within.  Average Joe’s starting companies and doing the right thing.  The Teabillies that are standing firm on not raising taxes are from the same States that have to worst poverty in the country.  Not their problem apparently.  These people are ridiculous and their time has passed.  If you care that much about government waste, reject your lifetime health care and pension.  Yeah, I thought not.

No more teabaggers going forward, because we are going forward.  With or without you.

Good riddance asshats.  The worst Congress since the 1940’s.  An embarrassment.  Legislations aways comes from a place of negotiation.  Negotiation means one side gives and little and the other gives a little and you find the middle.  When one side refuses to budge on anything, that is not what you assholes were paid to do.  We all don’t get exactly what we want.  Shame on all of you.  Why did you jackasses not extend the Mortgage Forgiveness Act of 2007?  Yet you had time to convene on steroid use in the NFL?  You brought this country past the brink on the fiscal cliff, only to final buckle at the last second?  Obama called your shit out.  Don’t let the door hit you clowns in the ass on the way out.

Hillary Clinton.  She got sick.  She got dehydrated and she fainted. She hit her head and ended up with a concussion.  So the right wing nuts went into a frenzy.  Because they are trying to make something of Benghazi that just isn’t.  Because they’ve got nothing.  Here is a list of eight people who should never be taken seriously again.  If anyone every took Alan West seriously in the first place.  You eight people are complete assholes.

And I would say the worst person in the world would be either the numbnuts that blamed the Newtown massacre on gay marriage and abortion, and there are a ton of those idiots out there, or Wayne La Pierre.