I stepped outside myself and felt so cold

Bon mots and cheap shots this morning.

And there is consequence to action.  Sometimes the asshole that starts the whole thing rolling doesn’t have to feel the pain, but here’s one that should have.  Yeah, we’re still working on the family pets shot by police theme.  It’s probably time for a category for that.

I’ve got a client who I have been trying to get into a home for six months.  Last night she said “What if we just move into one of the foreclosures and tell them we aren’t leaving so just sell us the house”.  Now that’s thinking outside of the box.

And don’t forget my ride.  I’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.



Eat the salted peanuts out the can

I have just plain been busy.  I need to work more jackassery back into my life.  Lucky for y’all there are plenty of things to piss me off.

What pisses me off the most?  Besides the teabaggers it would be cops shooting innocent dogs.  I’ve ranted on this one before, but it happened again.  This time in Austin, where it has actually happened several times before.  This one is particularly egregious.  Austin Police respond to a domestic violence call…and go to the wrong goddamn house.  Within 20 seconds of the officer arriving at the wrong house Cisco is dead.

The cop was looking for an hispanic male who had been fighting with a woman.  Mike Paxton is a redheaded white guy.  Officer Griffith’s commands to Mike are “Get your hands up” “Get your dog”.  That exchange took less than four seconds.  Mike was playing frisbee with his dog in the back yard.  He went around to his truck for some reason and Officer Griffith was there.  Griffith pulled his gun, ordered Mike to put his hands in the air.  Cisco followed Mike and ran up to the officer.  Mike was confused because he didn’t understand why the cop was there, why the cop had his gun pulled and with a gun pointed at him he didn’t move to get his dog.  That portion of the event happened in under 4 seconds.  It’s right here on the cops dashcam.  Cisco was a blue healer, not the most aggressive breed on the planet.  He died almost instantaneously.

I wonder why the cop pulled his gun in the first place.  Mike was unarmed.  He didn’t even have the frisbee in his hand.  This story is getting worldwide coverage.  My hope is that Cisco’s death can finally shine God’s flashlight down on the scourge of cops shooting innocent dogs.  God knows I’ve been beating this drum for years.  It hit home for me when Jax was shot and killed.  The officer in that case fired eight rounds at a dog that was recovering from back surgery and could only walk with an uncoordinated gait.

Another pet shot in Texas, this one a trained agility dog, because shoot first ask questions later seems to be how they do things down there.  Not to be outdone, the idiots in Camden New Jersey fired 33 rounds killing a pit bull puppy.    Apparently 32 just doesn’t do it for a pit bull.  Asshats.  Complete asshats.

And we gonna make you lose your mind

I’m sorry.

I lost control of everything.  That is all.

So here’s an update and some bon mots and cheap shots.  Ready.  Set.  Go.

Last we heard, my all time favorite rescue Prescott had a massive heart attack and dropped dead in his home.  Well it never ends there.

Back in the middle of March I was supposed to drive down to the Harris Ranch and meet a transport that had a Doberman from Bakersfield.  My job was to take this dog to Cottage Kennel here in Concord where another driver would come down, pick him up and take him up to the rescue in Red Bluff.   Yeah, that didn’t happen.

I got to Harris Ranch and the driver says “I know this isn’t a Doberman, what should we do?”  I’m looking at a ridiculously emaciated German Shorthaired Pointer.  Not everyone would recognize these dogs but Parker is a GSP and I saw Parker in this dog.  The other drive said “They were going to put him down today, I just took him.  I can’t keep him.  I will take him back and put him down if you want me to.”  The people who pay to board at Cottage are Doberman people, not GSP people.  I would be picking up the the tab myself.  And then he would just get three hots and a cot at the rescue which is packed with dogs, not a ton of love and sent to the bridge.

I’m looking at this severely emaciated creature.  At the very least I could give him a couple of decent meals before I sent him to the bridge.  So, yeah, I took him home.

He’d been a stray, but at the end of the day, he’s one of God’s creatures.  So I took the little tick infested piece of shit home.  Meet Sport.

Hey thanks for the ride lady!

He turned out to be a very nice little dog.  I talked to some friends and it so happened that a friend from Oregon who does medical fostering was in St. Helena last week.  She came by, checked him out and decided she could help him.  So no, I don’t have five dogs.  Sport is up in Oregon now.   By the time he left the ticks were gone, he was on antibiotics for a urinary infection and his dry crusty nose was wet and supple again.

Now I’m sure you’re all missing my rants on the GOP clown car.  But to me it was getting a little old.  The Brother got it right when he said you can’t tell the difference between the real headlines and the Onion any more.

Eric Fehrnstrom, which sounds a lot like fire storm probably walked out of that interview thinking “Did I say that out loud?”  Yeah, you did.  ROMNEY IS A FLIP FLOPPER!! SEEE!!!! EVEN HIS OWN GUY SAYS SO!

OK, you assholes.  If people didn’t evolve in their thinking, we would still have slavery.  Women would not vote.  Santorum himself has changed his positions with the wind.  So STFU.  It’s not flip flopping, it’s adapting to public sentiment which is how you get elected.  Santorum has done it.  Gingrich has done it.  Paul has done it.  They all do it.  And sit there and tell me that your thinking has never evolved on a single subject.  I thought not.

We need someone tough in the White House.  Someone who has the balls to take out the head of Al Quaida.  What?  Obama already did that?  OK, well we need someone who has the business sense to turn this economy around.  What?  Obama already did that?  OK, we need someone who will bring home our troops from Afghanistan!  What?  Obama already did that?  What the hell?

And now that I know what Jelly Belly is all about, Sport Beans are off my training rides.  That’s fine.  Clif makes products that work and an old high school friend married the owner.  I feel better about Shotbloks these days.

Speaking of riding, my AIDS/Lifecycle is coming up again.  I am woefully behind in fund raising.  And training.  I’ve finally started doing hill work on Mt. Diablo again.  And I did 3 Bears yesterday.  If you can throw a few ducats my way, that would really help.