Millions of people living as foes

You know, I’d leave this subject alone if it weren’t so important.  Or if it was the drum I’ve been pounding on for the last four years.

I’ve said for 20 years that the title industry needed to unionize.  Now I know OTG just regurgitated, but before you projectile vomit, consider this; if the industry was unionized the jobs wouldn’t have been shipped to India.  And we’d all be in pretty decent shape right now.  It’s not like the title companies have less work, they don’t.  It’s different work.  Probably more work.

Now riddle me this kittens, if you were making $127k per year would everything be peachy keen in your life?  My new favorite meme is earning over $110k every year and $127k the year he filed bankruptcy.  Just as an aside the sub headline “John Pike could no longer afford his mortgage, after the housing market crashed” is either ignorance on the part of the reporter or bullshit on the part of Pike.  If your income is the same and your payment is the same you can afford your mortgage no matter what the housing market does.  Idiots.  I certainly hope a bankruptcy judge didn’t consider that to have any bearing on anything.  But seriously if you can’t live on $127k a year in Roseville, you’re a…wait for it….piker.


Come on, you didn’t see that coming.

Today is Black Friday.  It makes me sad.  Today used to be the day that I would be in downtown San Francisco at 8am with a cup of coffee in hand to wander past each of the stores to see their new displays.  I’ll never forget the year that the Macy’s display looked like cherubs in bondage.  There were the puppies and kittens at Gumps, everybody’s windows were done up and beautiful.  But they put that shit up in August now and who the hell cares any more?  Afterwards I would head over to the SF Autoshow and see all the new toys.   This year I went to the car show on Monday with a friend of mine.

Check out that little lover.  That’s a Fisker Karma.  A 100% electric car.  $90k worth of love.  When I grow up I want one of those.  Because I will just have my attorney make the tickets go away.

One of the vehicles I have been considering for my business is a Mini.  For a lot of reasons.  Most importantly gas mileage.  They get like a gazillion mpg.  And they are built by BMW so they have all that BMW safety shit in them.  But I can’t see myself selling real estate out of a clown car.

Or maybe I should sell real estate from a clown car?  If it’s good enough for the Republican Presidential election it should be good enough for me.

Speaking of which, are those guys kidding?  I love a quote I heard the other day, “The Democrats move right and the Republicans move righter”.  That’s because they keep moving the shell because the only thing they want is all the power back.  They want Obama out at any cost.  They don’t want this country to get back on track, they don’t want to create jobs, they just want to take all they can for themselves and bitch about the unwashed masses fighting over the scraps.  Greed is still one of the seven deadly sins friends.

And it’s Christmas early in my world.  Jon Stewart is more reliable than cable news anchors for information.  For the record, he’s on the comedy channel.  Load up the clown car.

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We’re finally on our own

It could be argued that Occupy Wall Street is wasting a whole bunch of tax payer money.  And I wouldn’t dispute that it’s costing our cities a lot of money to manage the situation.  It could also be argued that a lot of the violence is being committed by the State.


I don’t think that’s ok.  And you shouldn’t either.  Pepper spray was not designed for that use.  Shame on them.

These guys aren’t going away.  And they shouldn’t either.  As much as Faux News would like to demonize them and say they are puppets of George Soros, this is organic.  George Soros didn’t offer to send them porto potties in NYC.  Bette Midler did.  And Bette is the 1%.  That’s actually a great interview, she gets it.

You’d think after all these years that the Cal PoPo would get it, but no.

Not the footage you’re seeing on Fox.  Or most of the other news stations right now.  That’s a Cal professor offering her wrists to the police to be arrested and then being hauled out by the hair, thrown down and arrested.  Who is really committing the violence?

The difference between now and the 60’s is the haircuts.  That’s it.  Bette is right.  Dirty hippie is so 1967, pick another phrase.  While you can still be mad at the folks in the 60’s that called our returning troops “baby killers”, I agree that was wrong, you can’t be mad at these guys who just want the millionaires and billionaires to pay the same taxes that we do.  Most billionaires pay 1% of their income in taxes.  I pay about 10 percent with all of my business deductions.  My highest bills in order are mortgage, car and health insurance, gasoline, taxes and then a plethora of bullshit after that.   An example of one of my bills that is 1% of my income would be Rita’s pet insurance.   Would it be great to pay that amount to the Feds?  Hell yeah!

The gripe is legit.  If the billionaires paid the same rate as the rest of us things would be a lot better in this country.  So Larry Ellison buys one less yacht.  Are you going to rally for the yacht broker?  I love the right wing argument that taxing billionaires wouldn’t make that much difference in the over all scheme of things so let’s not do it.  Really?  Then tax them and let’s move on.  It will generate around a trillion dollars.  Chump change to the federal government, but a trillion dollars that doesn’t have to be cut from somewhere and a trillion dollars load that doesn’t have to be carried by the middle class.  And the obscenity of it all is that it’s just their fair share.


The piercing radiant moon

I know I’ve been God’s angry Wine Dog for the last month or so, but in real time, I haven’t been that pissed off.  It’s like my doppleganger writes this or something.

Today’s PBE is going to squeege out Auntie and Cousin Jenn, and normally would squeege me out too.  But for some reason, this is a constant source of wonderment ever since it was discovered.

I have an orb weaver in the bushes in front of my house.  He (because that’s what I named him) is huge.  Probably totally a little bigger than a golf ball.  His bulb is slightly smaller than a marble.  Normally this creature would send me to the moon, but for some reason, I’m not terrified of him.   I think he’s kind of cool.  It’s not like I want him walking on me or in my bed or even my house, those things are still verbotten, but I like watching him.

He’s been here five days that I’m aware of.  The day before yesterday his web was down.  I thought that perhaps a bird or a bat had flown through it, but apparently orb weavers like to remodel and he could have taken it down.  The next night he put it back up.  He’s nocturnal.

This generation got no destination to hold

Hey Ricky!  Have a little problem with your Redneck Teleprompter?  Yeah, like we don’t see you shuffling around through your notes trying to figure out what the hell you’re talking about.

Oh my, that’s not what I was looking for, where’s my notes, Legislative, Judicial…gosh darn it, you know what I mean, the uh, er, jiminy crickets…uh, EPA?  How about the Executive branch?  And please, dude?  You can’t say “dude” when you walk around like you have a potato chip shoved up your ass that you can’t break.  I really wonder what’s wrong with Texas that they elected your dumb ass in the first place.

So does everybody feel like they can sit down and have a beer with this guy?  He doesn’t drink, dipshit, he’s an uber-christianista.  Why does this knucklehead have any viability at all?  And why for the second time won’t the Republicans run a true conservative that makes sense and doesn’t talk crazytalk.  These guys are all so nuts that Mitt Romney makes sense.  But we all know that he’s a Morman and that’s a cult…wait for it.

Speaking of Mormans, you know the cult that has exemption as a church that spent all that church money to promote Prop H8 in California.  My Morman neighbor across the street, who had one of the Yes on H8 signs in his yard is getting a divorce.  Nice to know the sanctity of marriage is intact in my hood.  I countered by selling the house up the street to a couple of gay guys.  There.

I have an epic rant coming about Bank of America and another about Chase.  I’ve spent the last two weeks screaming at both of them every morning.  Yesterday I told the poor customer service rep (the only one in over 30 calls that was helpful) that the CEO of Bank of America should be strung up on the bull on Wall Street and then burned at the stake by the occupiers.  Then I told her that the TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL bank that she worked for was so incompetent that they could fail and it would be six months before any one figured it out.  They would all just keep coming to work.

Speaking of Bank of Amerika, they assigned my loan to Green Tree Servicing because I’ve had some challenges as of late.  Nothing I can’t dig out of but two deals falling out in the same month hurts.  Two more falling out in the same week is devastating.  And it looks like I have a big hold on the bail out deal.  At least I wrote a bunch of other deals in the meantime.   Let me just say this about that when it comes to Green Tree.  They are a bunch of father rapers.  They harass me every single day.  They know I’m commission only.   I tell them when the deals are supposed to close and they call every goddamn day and beat me down as if something is going to change.  I’ve programmed them into my phone so most of their calls go to voicemail now.  But I wonder, what is the point of beating someone down like that?  I don’t take their calls because it messes with my head.  I get to wondering if I won’t make it, or if I really will lose the house.  That shit makes you lose your mojo and you cannot work in the business I’m in without your mojo.  So I have to wonder Bank of Amerika, what is the point of assigning the servicing of a loan out to a company that harasses and abuses your clients to the point that they are mentally beaten and give up?  What are you really trying to accomplish?  Steal houses?  I have utter and complete hate and contempt for you.  I wish I could go somewhere and say “Please buy my loan from Bank of Amerika and never let them around me again” but there’s no where you can do that.  My original loan was with Indymac, then Countrywide, now Bank of Amerika.  My loan went down that rabbit hole.  My choice is to sell a buttload of houses and pay off the loan, which is my plan.  I can sell them, I just need to get them closed, which is the issue in this market and then Bank of Amerika will be in my rear view mirror.

You eat white toast

It’s Guy Fawkes Day.  How appropriate.  He was originally seen as a terrorist but in more recent times has been regarded at a freedom fighter.  The stylized version of the Guy Fawkes mask appeared in V for Vendetta and those are the masks that Anonymous and now the OWS protestors have been using.  I just wish they weren’t made in China.  Seriously, that’s where they are made.  Come on Anonymous, get that one right please.  (On a side note, this could have been interesting)

The thing with the OWS folks is it sometimes take a few minutes to figure it out.  The real protestors are pretty smart.  (I do not support the rent-a-mob anarchist asshats)  Originally I thought “What’s the point of shutting down the port.  All that does is put the longshoremen out of work.”  There’s your real tea party cupcake.  They were stopping foreign goods from coming onto US soil.  Not that it worked, it was all symbolic but it took a while to figure that one out.  Now if they could get their Guy Fawkes masks made in the USA we’d be on to something.  How about somebody here manufacturing the Guy Fawkes masks?  There’s a start.

It’s hard to figure the whole thing out listening to the news.  The sound bytes we’re used to don’t tell the story at all.  I think this whole situation is shining God’s flashlight down on the media.  The same media I’ve been beating on for a long time, for different reasons than the Koch brothers’ chambermaids.

I kind of wish I thought of that one.  Or could draw.  Actually I might be able to draw if I started again.  Focus.

The point is that if you are getting your news from godforbid Fox or really any of the main stream outlets, you aren’t getting the real story.  At all.  Because if it bleeds, it leads.  I should have a new category at PBE.  Maybe it’s “if it bleeds it leads” or “The bubbleheaded blonde”.   Once you get past the traffic report, there is really no reason for televised news any more.  They never get the story right.  It’s all about marketing and who can sell the most soap bubbles and soda pop.  Who cares?

You are the 99%.  These guys don’t want socialism, they want equality.  And isn’t that what this country is about?

Because a Cory Smoot video was much more offensive than an Andy Rooney video.  Rest in peace.