We took the half a ton of garbage, put it in the back of a red VW microbus, took shovels and rakes and implements of destruction

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Today is going to be a cornucopia of stuff. First up, Little Sister.  I’ve found her a forever home and she’ll be going there some time next week.  In the meantime, my dogs continue to take turns trying to remove her head.  This is fine because she doesn’t use it for much. […]

We’re good and we’re evil, which one will I be today?

We all know I spent a few years in the title industry.  Around 31 years to be exact, over a 33 year period of time.  I was out briefly in the early 80’s when the market crashed.  During that time I worked as a baker for Mrs. Fields.  That Mrs. Fields.  While the company originally taught […]

You had the grace to hold yourself while those around you crawled

I know part of getting old is that folks you know die.  I know that.  It’s the law of averages.  The longer you live, the more likely the people around you are going to get their ticket punched.  I have plenty of friends who have fought and beaten cancer.  Some who weren’t so lucky.  A […]