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    You know I’ve always been a dreamer

    Once again, as Californians we’re asked to hold our noses and vote.  Our choice is between a bitter, egotistical CEO with apparently unlimited personal funds and Governor Moonbeam.  Whenever I think of the moniker Governor Moonbeam, it reminds me of the Moonman, Greg Minton.  Back in 2004 Greg was a rep for California Gunite.  His buddy was the Regional Manager and couldn’t get good help.  Greg was sitting down in Scottsdale with his brain melting because it was 108 by 10am.  He told me he’d get in 18 holes and end up spending the rest of the day in the house and his mind wasn’t getting any exercise.  When his…

  • Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

    And I dreamed your dream for you and now your dream is real

    We’re in the heat of a mid-term election. Politics and government and their roles in our daily life won’t leave the front part of my mind. I promise to move away from politics, but I have to get some of this out. In sales work, a primary function is to learn what the decisions makers want from the product/process/deliverable you think will help them. There are many roles, in a complex sale. Each role represents its group. One has to assume each group will acquiesce to the whole’s greater good. There is research that indicates this isn’t so. Ultimately, a skilled sales person will figure out who can say yes…

  • Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

    After 5pm please slip brain through slot

    Months ago I planned a cheapo mini vacation.  The kind where I could get lost for a few days, yet not go anywhere.  Leaving this place is expensive.  It’s more expensive with Ike and Little Sister here.  Little Sister really needs a new home.  The local boarding facility is $27 a day for the first Doberman and $23 for everyone after that.  $96 a day.  A 30 minute visit with the dog sitter is $20.  I would need three a day and then they would get 90 minutes of attention each day for $60 and that’s it.  Now I’m going for overnights.  That’s going to be $75 a night to…

  • Bon Mots and Cheap Shots


    I’ve been inundated with user registrations from Russian spammers and bots.  Registration at PBE is now a little more cumbersome but trust me deleting these assholes every day is a lot more cumbersome to me.  Thanks for your understanding.  I may have accidently deleted a real account, I don’t think so but shit happens.  If I did, just re-register and you should be fine.

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    Some folks inherit star spangled eyes

    I’ve got a question for y’all.  What makes everybody think that business people can solve government problems?  Arnold found out the hard way that such is not true in California. Last night there was a Humorous Speech Contest with my Toastmasters group.  This guy got up and said he had the solution to all of California’s problems.  First, he opined, we could not add just one star to the flag.  That’s why Puerto Rico wasn’t a State yet.  To make the flag aesthetically pleasing we needed to add 7 stars.  California should become seven states.  Mojave, Sierra, Santa Santa (essentially the area from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara) I wish…

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    The Place has Character

    In my last post, I was able to introduce you to Oded Shakked of Longboard Vineyards. There are many characters who make the Russian River, Dry Creek and Alexander Valley appellations great. Rod Bergland of Joseph Swan is a francophile wine nerd who is a warm patient teacher. Ask Rod about where a wine is, (in its maturation) or about high alcohol wines or how dry is a dry Gewurztraminer and you’re going to get a lesson that you never saw coming. Rod is married to Lynn. Lynn is Jospeh Swan’s daughter. If you seen Rod and Lynn you’d assume they’re a couple of hippies hangin’ in the wine country.…

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    Buy Fresh, Buy Local

    Oded Shakked is the founder of Longboard Vineyards. Initially, he made some Syrah and Cabernet from vineyards he lived on (next to Rochioli), along side Westside Rd., in the Russian River Valley. He started Longboard when he was the winemaker at J vineyards. He made their delicious sparklers, great Pinot Blanc (one of the best food wines I’ve ever tasted), and a Pinotage that is better than any I’ve tasted from South Africa. He vinted the Piper Sonoma sparkler for Piper, too. Oded and some partners left J to take Longboard to the public. I met Oded at Vintner’s Holiday at the Ahwahnee Lodge, in Dec. 2002. The Vintner’s Holiday…

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    And they snuck right out of the door

    Where to start?  This is what happens when I get busy.  Let’s start with the bad and end with the good. How many times do I have to sound the alarm before somebody figures out there’s a problem?  There is a freaking problem people.  Cops are shooting dogs.  Family dogs.  There has been consistently no repercussion for shooting someone’s family dog.  And a ton of stories about it.    If the cops came into my house or yard, I promise you that one or two or three or even four dogs might be barking at them in a threatening manner.  Did these jackasses ever stop to think that if the…