• Bush is a Moron,  Wine of the Day

    As for the Easter cantata, we don’t know who’ll sing her part

    Col. Lawrence Wilkerson has a face only a mother could love, but last night I wanted to kiss him on the lips. Lawrence O’Donnell annoys me, but wait for it, around 3 minutes. It’s worth it. Gen. Colin Powell’s State Department office must have been an interesting place. To this day I think he only stuck out Bush’s first term because he’s a soldier and they don’t quit. Then he went home and took a very long hot shower. The more I see General Powell speak unfettered the more I like the man. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Let’s talk about the good…

  • Boycott Foley Family Wines,  Title Insurance

    I guess my race is run

    Miss me?  Yeah, I know.  I suck.  Actually, you have no idea how much I suck. [youtube 16u0wwCfoJ4] After the BMW blew up in Pittsburg and I got railroaded by the Authorities a few other choice events occurred, I got myself into a First Class nosedive.  I was in a flat spin heading out to sea.  I mean seriously, you can fight the Man for so long and then be Alfred E. Neuman for so long and then all of the sudden some SOB comes along and blows down your house of cards.  Well.  There you have it.  I did everything I could think of to shake off the funk…

  • Powerlifting

    Velvet ropes and guitars

    I’ve been powerlifting since 1998.  In the last 13 years I’ve seriously kicked some butt in the AAU, USPL and a couple of other organizations.  I hold 24 records in the AAU.  I’ve been a top 20 and sometimes top 5 lifter in various organizations over the last 13 years.  I am arguably one of the more prolific woman powerlifters out there.  And my body has been taking the toll for it.  Basically my pecs are so developed that it’s pulling my shoulder girdle forward and making my shoulders hurt all of the time.  Conversely, powerlifting is why my back works at all.  I was having terrible troubles and I…

  • Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

    And when the coyotes escape to New York

    Today’s subject is disgusting.  Absolutely disgusting.  And clicking these links should piss you off.  A lot.  I don’t necessarily know what the solution to the coyote problem is, but I know that what they’re doing in these links is animal cruelty.  If a coyote is killing a herd, I get that is an issue.  Shoot it.  That’s humane.  What’s happening here is no different than gang bangers baiting their pit bulls. http://www.coyoteinfo.typepad.com/ http://www.kinshipcircle.org/letter_library/letter_new2.asp?LetterID=1891&seriesfirst=true And that’s wrong.

  • Rant

    Once a tickle, now a rash

    There’s something in my personality that allows me to do a sort of immersion program.  I’ll find an artist that does something interesting and then I’ll check out everything they did.  Generally they have to be doing something that no one else is doing.  Like Big and Rich.  Lately I had been noticing everything that I liked on the radio was recorded by Pink.  I hadn’t paid much attention to her because her earlier stuff was dance stuff and I’m not a big fan of dance.  However her last three efforts were heading in a different direction, so when I got an Amazon e-cert last week, I ordered a couple…