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Grab your bleeding liberal hearts, I’m on a roll this morning.

First up, the most important.  Forever burned in our memories is the events of the morning of September 11, 2001.  Those of you who know me, know I wasn’t in the title business when that happened.  That particular event drove me back to the title business, but at the very moment it occurred I was working for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.  I had gotten to work early that day.  I was a broker and we had to be in our chairs by 6:30 a.m. every morning because that’s when the stock market opens.  Once your book of business started rolling you didn’t have to do that, but the rookies had to.  I think it was part of Wendy’s hazing.  She was the toughest, but one of the fairest people I have ever worked for.  And she had a $10,000 funded trust set up for her Golden Retriever if anything should happen to her to be sure the dog was properly taken care of for the rest of it’s life.  I learned from her and adored her.  And I got my ass in my seat on time.  I got into the elevator at 101 California and this kid Jeff was in there coming up from the 2nd floor.  (Where compliance was located)  He says “Dude, a plane it the World Trade Center”.  Really?  Like a Cessna or something.  “No, dude, like a 747 or something”.  So I follow him up to his cube, which was diagonal from my cube and they interrupt the replay to show the second plane piercing our offices in New York.  The second plane hit that thing right around Morgan Stanley’s offices.  Right where Jeff and I and thousands of other squids had stood watching out the windows on breaks from our month long training at that site.  The headquarters was located there.  We used to be able to see planes flying BELOW us in those windows.  The buildings swayed in the wind.  You could feel it.  We bought tickets to the shows at night at the Half Price Ticket counter in the lobby.  The elevators in that building were the size of rooms and held 7o some odd people.  Don’t ask me how I remember that.  And now the building was engulfed in flames.  The news cameras were going back and forth between the buildings and you could tell that the media was freaked out.  Bush continued to read My Pet Goat to school children.  I looked at Jeff and said “We’re under attack, they’re going to shut this building down.  I’m freakin’ outta here.”  I left the building and got on BART.  All of Charles Schwab’s employees were already there.  Schwab’s management had arrived at the same decision I did.  They were all freaked out and crying.  Then I realized that the Transbay tube was a great target.  I decided if my number was up, it was up.  I was so not sleeping on the way home.  Five minutes later the management at 101 California shut the building down.  I was home by the time the first building collapsed.  The stock market was closed for the next week and my commission only career was torpedoed.  Two weeks later I took over as the plant manager at American.

Since then there has been a sea of lies and bullshit surrounding the events of that day.  You have to know that I would have a copy of the 9/11 Commission Report.  There are some inalienable truths to that day.  Most importantly, Condi Rice and Bush missed it.  They had the report (bin Laden determined to attack inside US) and they blew it.   And 3500 people died that day.  They kept us safe, except for that one day that they didn’t.  And they spent a lot of time telling us lies.  We know that  because even the mainstream media has debunked a ton of crap we were fed over the last eight years.  Saddam Hussein never did have weapons of mass destruction.  But with all the lies and crap we were fed over the last eight years, no one behaved as egregiously towards the President as Rep. Joe Wilson (R) SC did last Wednesday night.  Worse yet, this little shit stain did not even bother to present a proper apology.  The Party leadership called him and told him to apologize so he did.  Barak Obama is the President of the United States.  There is a certain level of decorum the President is afforded in person.  He is not Mr. Obama, he is President Obama.  Or Mr. President. Or Obama in reporting.   Shouting “You lie” from the floor of Congress is appalling.  I would be equalling disgusted if a Democrat did that to Bush, in spite of my conviction that 80 percent of what left his lips was lies.  He was the elected President of the United States and a certain amount of decorum is required.  Period.  Rob Miller who is running against Joe Wilson in 2010 raised over $700,000 yesterday.  I hope Joe Wilson goes down in flames.  Discourse if fine, but I’ve had my gut full of these people in the public eye acting like petulant children.  It’s time the Democrats grabbed their balls and stood up for something. They’re the ones who are failing us.  If they did a better job of getting their message out we wouldn’t have to deal with the likes of Joe Wilson because his constituents would know that he’s ignorant.  Speaking of ignorant, I know that the most of the ire about the illegals here in this country are directed towards the Hispanics.  Did you know there are over 2 million illegal Chinese just in the State of California?  They don’t go to the ER for fear of being caught.  So what’s this really about?

We all know the best health care in the country is the health plan afforded Congress.  I am on board with Senator Boxer.  She is calling out everyone in Congress who won’t approve a public option.

“If you don’t vote for this then give up your health insurance, because your health insurance is run by the public. It’s a government run plan.  And if you don’t think it’s good enough for you, then drop it and then don’t offer it.  But if you’re going to keep it, you’d better give other people the chance.

Can the Senator from California get an “Amen”!  Which reminds me of one of my favorite Bette Midler lines.  She was discussing her former backup singers, The Staggering Harlettes.   Miss Midler has been asked what projects her former back up singers were doing these days.  She retorted “One is starring in Married with Children, the other two are Senators from California”.

[youtube P_JlAx-TtXU]

Liberals are Americans too.

Finally, the actual point of this one was that today has been declared a National Day of Service and Remembrance.  I got this from my blood bank and since I’m due, I’m going down and giving a pint.  I did not give blood on 9/11/01.  I waited 10 days because I knew the outpouring from the public would get them what they needed that day.  I wanted to be sure they had something for later.  So I encourage everyone to do something for their country today.

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, inspired Americans to come together in a remarkable spirit of unity and compassion.

In April, President Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act which, for the first time, officially recognizes September 11th, as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

This September 11th, all Americans are asked to remember that Tuesday eight years ago and to recommit to service in their communities.

A powerful way to serve our community is through the act of blood donation.  The transfusion of blood from one human being to another transcends political and social divisions, nationalities, ethnicities, and creeds.  One human being giving blood to another is a gesture that unites us all.  It is our link with the future – and a way to say yes to life.

To donate blood, please visit   or call 888-393-GIVE (4483).

To learn about other service opportunities close to you, please visit

You can read the President and First Lady’s call to service for September 11th here:

Thank you.