Set restrictions, separate from the world

It’s a three day weekend. All this means to me is I have an extra day without the office badgering me about some keys missing from some lockbox in some remote location. Or a phantom broken window. Or a door lock that doesn’t work but really does work. The ultimate result in my world is a little time to catch up on stuff, before I get beaten like a bad dog tomorrow. I used this time wisely to open my mail. Hey, something had to fall by the wayside around here. It’s the mail. I found stuff clear back to just after the 4th of July. Makes sense. That was probably the last time I opened my mail. Generally it’s a thankless process. This time I found a thank-you card from a client with a $25 gift card to BevMo. (Wish I’d seen that before I went there on Saturday), an $80 a month reduction in my auto insurance. Remember when they jacked it up for smacking, ok destroying, the travel trailer? (We’re going to come back to that one) A notice that my polling place had been moved, something I should have opened say last Monday. And the most shocking thing I’ve ever received in the mail. An apology from American Express with a $320 check attached. (insert the sound of the record needle being ripped across the vinyl here) What? Yes, an apology AND a check. Signed by the CEO and everything. Here’s the back story, complete with Seymour Butts reference.

While American Express never charges a fee for a declined convenience check, we sincerely regret that you may have incurred fees from your bank or a merchant as a result of the check no clearing. As an expression of our sincere regret, please find enclosed a payment in the amount of $320.00, which represents $160 for each American Express convenience check that we did not honor.

We recognize that as a result of our declining your convenience check, you could have been placed on a “bad check” list or similar registry. To assist you in removing your name from any such list, we have enclosed a letter, which you may presnet to any party that maintains such a list, that explains your convenience check was not declined based on insufficient funds, a closed account or any other reason that typically justifies placing an individual on a “bad check” list.

I am certain this has little to nothing to do with me in particular, any letter I wrote or their corporate citizenship but has everything to do with either the threat of litigation or impending Government action. No matter. It’s money found. Woot!

And just because this is such a source of amusement…

I spent yesterday helping a friend get her place ready to sell. I need to load the listing up to the MLS in a minute. Anywho, I had to put another load of green waste into the truck but didn’t get home until after 6pm yesterday. There was my neighbor working on his fence. How best to convey my aggravation? Load the truck. Why? Because shovelfuls of green waste make a hellacious amount of dust and if it’s close to another work area, like say a fence building project, well, it makes working on that project a hot slice of hell. I quit shoveling about 15 minutes after he gave up. I’m waiting for him to come out this morning to finish loading up the truck. He’s figured it out, but his wife is the driving factor. He’s going to have to do something to find some middle ground or explain to the City when he’s done why it’s built absolutely to code. Of course not a moment before it’s complete. Passive aggressive behavior should be left to the professionals.

[youtube QxCOY4MFg0g]