Something has left my life and I don’t know where it went to

It’s going to be a little light this morning, so maybe we’ll sneak in link dump.  Actually, I think I’ll throw in The Google keywords of the Weak Week as an opener.

fidelity national title claims department -that’s got to make their claims department just proud to know that people google them and come here.

boylove -you sick bastards.

jocelyn saenz escrow fraud -this one was hot last week.  not finding anything new though

RESPA -God knows we don’t have any useful information on THAT here.

Bill Foley Wine -Hopefully they learned about our boycott

jerry hauptman colorado bunny -Is Jerry dating a bunny now?

Old title insurance people never die -No we don’t.  We come back as zombies and eat your brains.

Dan Gaudrau -this one was hot last week

That was like a trip down memory lane.  And did I get some spot on bonzo journalism back when all of that was blowing up.  Clearly there is a lot less going on right now.  I will say to the Evil Empire, you posted stellar profits last quarter.  It’s time to restore those salaries and rehire those workers.  Do the right thing.

And it’s time the FREE THE PINK BUNNY.  I’m tired of being banned by the Bloodless Empire.  Apply the pressure.  For the record, in response to their banning I have allowed exactly one transaction to go through them.  That was only because it was a builder escrow.  It went through their San Jose escrow and it was the worst transaction I’ve had since I’ve been selling real estate.  They barely paid attention to anything throughout the entire transaction.  The builder moved it to another company and then back to FATCO during the process and after two months they still hadn’t gotten the deposit back from the other company.  It’s like it was too much work to get off their fat asses and do anything about it.  They changed the gender of my client, sent the papers to the wrong address and still haven’t gotten him his refund a month later.  I will fight against allowing another transaction to go through that company for the rest of my career.

Speaking of the Bloodless Empire, look what they spent in legal fees and they’re no where near getting this to court. In practice, they’re trying to run out the clock on the Plaintiff, can’t fool the Wine Dog.

Here’s a little something to keep Skip and OTG busy.  I know how you guys love this stuff.  Looks like a creditor’s rights issue, with a dash of broken priority and shaken with a heaping helping of matters known, created or assumed by the insured.

And while we’re in court, glad to know they’re following up on this stuff.

And on the topic of ridiculousness, really.  God knows the rabid right wing wouldn’t want kids to stay in school, study hard and be good students.  Actually, they’ve found that this birther/Glenn Beck/Tin foil cap crew is predominately white, Southern and barely educated.  Who cut education?  Reagan.  Nuff said.