Someday a real rain will come and wash this scum off the streets

I had to go over to San Francisco today to meet a client and visit with my acupuncturist, one of a collection of natural healers who glue my tire old body back together.  I should probably hire a witch doctor.  Anywho, I also got a couple of commission checks today so I spent too much time downtown trying to spend one of them.  (I spent none)  By the time I got to the bus stop there was no making it on time on the Hayes 21.  So I hailed a cab.  Occasionally, I think we all need to ride in a taxicab.  My guy never stopped talking.  Some jewels include:

  • “Where are the clergy?”
  • How’s that?
  • “The Bible says we’re supposed to care for the sick and the weak.  Where are the clergy with all this health care nonsense?”
  • Interesting point.
  • “They were all up in arms and in the street when the gays wanted to get married, but now that we want to heal the sick they’re no where to be found.”
  • I suppose they aren’t.
  • “And it’s not like they follow the book to the letter.  There’s only one place where they even mention gays, but look at all the places they say not to charge interest.”
  • (I’ll have to look that one up)
  • “And the Bible says not to start wars.  They don’t need to follow that part”.
  • Actually maybe they should
  • “That’s what I’m saying.  They just take the part that they want”.
  • Ouch mon.
  • “What gets me is these old people on Social Security and Medicare who don’t want a public option.  What do you think you got?”

We should all take a taxi cab now and again.  And in lieu of real content, Bubba in repose.


And a falcon up close and personal.