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    Coconut Telegraph

    It’s a sad day in San Luis Obispo.  Lights out is right.  Having worked in that area, I can say that this really is the end of an era.  Very sad. Also very sad, I’m hearing it’s very bloody over at Triple 7.  All I can say is I’m sorry.

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    And the tall grass wave in the wind

    Here we are at the end of 2008. Since PBE is all about accountability, here we go. First, a snippet from the 2008 goals list. Victim in Vegas wrote in a couple of New Year’s Resolutions for Patty Hauptman and I’m going to build on those. Feel free to add your own. public apology to all employees, past & way past. -Didn’t happen pay checks sent immediately to those who have been shorted.. -Didn’t happen although they did manage to get that into the bankruptcy filing. Learn about ethical business practices and apply them -Might have something to do with teaching a pig to sing Stop trying to get away…

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    But I can’t help but be confused

    Miss me? Sorry, I was busy doing what it is I do. Like the Return of the Zombies, IndyMac is lumbering back to life. I don’t have time to look up Paulson & Company, but I sure hope that doesn’t have anything to do with the Secretary of…..never mind. No relation. Still the ad I got at the top of the article was for the Bloodless Empire’s Loss Mitigation Bonanza Bottom Feeders Solutions. Heard it through the grapevine I’ll bet they’re missing NASCAR Teddy over at his Splintered Excellent Title Adventure. I’m hearing that heads are rolling in a major way. If you’re a County Manager and reading this dribble…

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    And the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad

    We love the comments section. Today we love it even more. Escrowdude weighed in with a faint recollection. Not so faint to the Google. TOP CEO GOLFERS Of the 12 best CEO golfers at Fortune 1,000 companies, only four can also brag that their stock is beating the S&P 500 index so far this year. CEO Handicap Company % change 2005 % change YTD Jim Crane 0.8 EGL 25.7% -19.5% Jerry Jurgensen 0.9 Nationwide Financial 15.1% 6.3% Curt Culver 2.4 MGIC Investment -4.5% -13.1% Ted Chandler 3.0 LandAmerica Financial 15.7% 1.5% John Lundgren 3.0 The Stanley Works -1.9% -1.9% Steve Macadam 3.5 BlueLinx Holdings NA -7.2% Ed Stack 4.1 Dick’s…

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    Never wanna stick around to the very last dance

    We may have a winner for Today’s Best Person in The World, with a nod to Keith Olbermann. Greg Griffith of the Denver Post, armed with God’s flashlight has shone the light on those cockroaches on Waverly. An excellent article, well researched and strangely accurate. Those of us who have been in the business know how often the press actually gets our business right and Greg did his homework and came up with a damned fine article. We raise a glass to the Denver Post. In case you’re bored of clicking through my links, here’s a taste of what Greg uncovered. Members of the Hauptman family and their trusts also…

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    They’re creepy and they’re kooky

    I’ve had a headache for two days straight. So in lieu of real content…Remember Elvira Mistress of the Dark and her Feedbag? Apparently Elvira was the First female to twirl tassels on a national network. Who knew? Back when she was just doing her show in LA and I was living in Santa Barbara we used to watch it every Saturday night before we went out and got into that evening’s trouble. I saw the original Jello bit when it happened live. Nuff said. Then she went Nationwide, and I moved to San Francisco. ANYWAY, from the PBE feedbag… OldTitleGuy, a brilliant guy in his own right sent in this…

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    Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die

    Another great one has past. [youtube b5WVkl_f7_E] I saw her probably twenty years ago at Kimball’s in Emeryville. On the list of things to do in this life, seeing her perform live was on it. (I should devote a post to The List) She had to be around 60 at the time. Anyone who’s been to that Kimball’s knows what a small venue it was. Are they still there? Anyway, she played for about 10 days and I got to see her while she was there. She was amazing and the world is a better place because she stopped by. And who else would have gotten away with this in…

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    With the echo from the amplifiers ringing in your head

    Yesterday the book closed on Ted’s Excellent Title Adventure.  The Evil Empire acquired Commonwealth and Lawyers Title at NASCAR Teddy’s fire sale.  The party’s over.  The City of Richmond understands what this means.  The big question is do they do what they did with Chicago and run a separate entity or do they roll it into the big show and use the unbranded title production centers?  Truthfully I don’t know how much the Evil Empire off shores.  I know that NASCAR Teddy spent a bunch of money stealing Bloodless Empire’s people in Bangalore and Mangalore.  Smart move Teddy.  Why do you still have a job?  And I know the Agents…

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    Free, on my own that’s the way I used to be

    Well, this isn’t much of a surprise. I’m just wondering at what point someone tries to stop the new Title Rep rules. I feel bad for the reps up here. The ones I know fly right and at this point they’re concerned about being seen in a restaurant with a realtor or mortgage broker after the first. I’m also a little ticked off. I need my dry cleaning picked up. Psych! OK, the poor reps I know have endured over a month of “you need to take me out for cocktails before the new rules pass”, “you need to pick up my dry cleaning”, “you need to buy me a…