We’ll play the banjo gaily, and we’ll sing the songs of yore

I’m so sorry kittens. The Wine Dog has been catching up from being down with this pestilence that afflicted me. I’m not 100% but really, who can deal with that anyway? The Radical is in the house! Thanks for this.

You know, I turn my back for just one moment and The Evil Empire slashes salaries by another 10% throughout the Empire including Mrs. Murphy’s Cow Title Insurance Company. You got to love a company that’s founded on the stolen courthouse records. Riddle me this Batman. Did you cut your rates too? Didn’t think so. And I know you’re beating your staff like a bunch of bad dogs while telling them to be thankful they have a job. What exactly do you think is going to happen when the market returns? That’s right, you’re going to be changing a bunch of signs. Offices are going to just sashay across the street like they did in the 80’s. Or doing what I did and just bail out. We all know, that’s good for the legal profession. It will be Bill and Ted’s Excellent Title Office Swapping Adventure. Whee!

And I’ve got to give a worst person to Lady de Rothchild. You’re a Rothchild, you can’t call anyone not at your own freaking dinner table elitist. You can’t. Madame, are you kidding me? The people, the Rednecks you know. No, I don’t know, explain it to me, slowly in monosyllabic words because I’m bitter.
[youtube Ti60li-FwdQ]

And stop by and check out The Brother’s rant the other day. You know it’s quality when I can add nothing to it.