Monkeys on the barricades

It’s a wild day in the neighborhood. AIG has sure made a nice mess for themselves. Here’s some code words for death knell. But wait! There’s more! Looks like they’re calling a pig a pig. Strangely I’m not talking about the Republican platform or the Beauty Queen. I’ve been bagging on World for a while. That Pick-a-Pay was a dog from day one. I was in a discussion yesterday at the marketing meeting about all this mess. One of the guys said “I don’t know how much more bad debt BofA can assume.” I love when anybody says something that makes me think about it afterwards. It’s actually one of the things that makes this website so much fun for me. Tell me something that changes my mind or makes me research it further. Kind of like me telling the Woodhaven winemakers that I thought their wine was over rated. Only to have them blow me away with some amazing juice. But I digress. I think BofA may be close to tapped out on their ability to step in for the sake of market share. The Government is certainly making an example out of AIG. Morgan Stanley is in merger talks again. Same problem as before. At what point do we figure out that the corporate greed business model ain’t working? I’d like to say we don’t need regulation, but it seems that the folks at the top can’t do the right thing, so maybe we do. At this point I have to say prove to me that you can run a company responsibly and treat your employees with dignity and respect (which includes paying American workers to create American products) and then I’ll say you don’t need regulation. But right now you’re just like a bunch of drunken frat boys digging through the old couch for enough change to pay the strippers. Your behavior has warranted regulation. Why? Because my tax dollars are bailing your stupid ass out, that’s why, Jerkoff.

With all the big boys falling out, it makes me wonder how Bill and Ted’s Excellent Title Adventures are making it. We all know that Parker’s wage scale is circa 1956 so they can afford to go for a long time on that business model. But they’ve all been downgraded to pseudo-junk. Will one of them fail? It’s tough to call. Al runs his shops so tight that they creak every time they close an escrow. The boys in Houston are just going to roll up the carpet and retreat to Texas. We’ve seen them do that before. I hear heads are rolling either yesterday or today at Dinty Moore. Ted’s having some reductions right now again. Conference calls between CTIC and FNF yesterday. And we all know Bill’s MO. Numbers, numbers, numbers. I really think that he and Parker are responsible for changing title insurance to a casualty style business model. So since I’m still blocked.


I have to give credit to Bill and Ted and even Dinty Moore for standing in there and letting PBE through their Websense filters. While at times I know I’m a lot like the Perez Hilton of the business, I’m rarely completely full of crap. Usually only partially full of crap. Censuring me is chickenshit. FATCO, you are chickenshit. PBE is industry news, without the sugar coating. Deal with it.

In other news

Tim, one of our regular visitors has started his own blog up. He’s got a little Howard Beele in him. Great stuff Tim. Drill Baby Drill just sums it up.

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This is what’s wrong. I really don’t understand why a guy like McCain is letting this happen. He built a career on being a maverick and then as he’s just about to make it to the Show, he lets this happen. It’s to the point that I don’t think the McCain campaign actually speaks for McCain. He needs to stop the Karl Rove machine and get back to who he is. Job one, dump the Beauty Queen, that’s not his pick. And the fundamentals of the economy? You missed the mark, quit trying to make it something that’s it’s not. Kind of like the pig and lipstick thing. Get back to who your are and quit with this bullshit.

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