Meat eating orchids forgive no one just yet

Yesterday I went to the SFMOMA to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. I saw a large exhibit of her work probably 20 years ago at Fort Mason in San Francisco. She wasn’t as popular back then and it was easier to see the work. Still it was a very comprehensive collection of her work, including A Few Nips and the self portrait with the thorn necklace. I’m always amazed at the depiction of organs outside of her body. She did this stuff in the 40’s and early 50’s. The Old Woman was first in nursing school, and then working as a nurse during that period of time (and 40 years after that) She was telling me about how amazing they thought cortizone was back then. And how they’d never think to open up a heart. So the depictions of her heart and her spine as a column were particularly interesting with that in mind.


I’ve got some sort of creeping crud so there’s been no cycling. I think it’s why my superpowers seemed to have left me over the last few days. Benching 190 was excruciating and it shouldn’t be. I’m also mentally flatlining because of it so I think today may be a bit of a link dump. First up, Matt Damon.

[youtube C6urw_PWHYk]

Next up, another dog food recall. If I had the energy I would rant on corporate responsibility to the food chain on all levels. Like say the Pimple Ball which has finally been recalled.

Rumors abound about these guys. The new CEO might have the chops to save it. Time will tell.

And this jewel from OldTitleGuy. Title Company credit ratings. Ouch mon!


And while I think Gina Gershon is a marginal talent on a good day…she’s outstanding in this role.

OK, I’m off like a prom dress. I’m holding one of those auction homes open today. This thing is a dog with fleas…and roaches. Crappy add-on, backs up to the freeway. Hasn’t been touched in over 20 years. I just doesn’t get much better than this. The Old Woman said “those houses were crappy when your Father was selling real estate.” Well, close your eyes imagine what time and bad tenants has done for them. All this can be yours for $99k or so at auction. The hope is that some real people might stop by that can be parlayed into a real deal. We’ll see.