With the glass so dark thay wont even know your name

In my defense, I did not kill my dog yesterday. I wanted to. He clearly climbed up on a counter to take these and then he destroyed them. Now he’s hacking a little and I’m hoping the pieces he ate aren’t going to cause any problems. That is, I hope he didn’t try to kill himself being a bad dog.


If you know me in real time, you’ve seen those Ray Bans. Dolphyngyrl’s survey are all taken with those on. A friend told me last night that I can send them back to Ray Ban and they’ll replace them. Apparently they have some sort of Nordstrom like policy. She knew someone who drove over theirs and got them replaced. I’m going to give it a shot. The worst they can tell me is “You’re an idiot, train your dog” and I would have to agree with them on that.