We got a long way to go and a short time to get there

A Noun, a Verb and 9/11

Rule One: Never let a Politician get off a line like that. 1992 was lost when Bush I let Clinton get off the “that dog won’t hunt” line in the debate. Joe Biden got the 9/11 comment off in the debates about Rudy Guiliani. It was well deserved. We all know I’m a little late with some of the news sometimes so initially I missed this:

[youtube LDx80bnFrVs]

The Field Negro made Mr. Olbermann an honorary field negro for that. Olbermann is going to tee off tonight on this, it really got under his skin, as well it should. If I recall correctly, the last thing he teed-off on was Obama for not manning up on FISA. So he’s equal opportunity. And that was just more RNC fear mongering. Hey! Assholes! Who got the report that said “bin Laden intent on attacking U.S.” in August of 2001, but ignored it because it didn’t fit into their pre-contrived ideology? Nice job Condi. You didn’t make us safer so why do you keep bringing it up?

Buford T. Justice

Sometimes I wish I had just gone ahead and named the damned dog Buford. I should have know I was going to keep the freaking hillbilly mutt. We started dog school last night. He does most of the things they teach, but I’ve found the loading them into the truck, going to class and doing the drills really bonds the dogs to me. And the instructors will pick up any screw ups on my part, which is how, in spite of myself, my dogs manage to get trained. It was a little tougher as I know a lot of the folks down at the dog training club. They all asked how he was doing with his big brother. I had to explain six or seven times that the big goofball that they all loved had passed away last June. I hate talking about him because I miss him so much. Bubba’s a great dog, but Beau was majestic…with a lampshade on his head. Every person talked about Beau’s recalls. We would sit our dogs, walk to the other side of the building and call our dogs. Every one else’s dog would trot to them and sit perfectly in front of them. Beau would gallop at full bore and then at the last minute slam on the brakes and slide into a perfect sit in front of me. One rainy night when the mats were a little slick he lost his footing and slid in ass first. His hind legs ended up between my legs but his front paws were in the exact position they were supposed to be in and his shoulders were where they were supposed to be as he scrambled to get his butt back where it was supposed to be, and dammit he was ready for his bit of turkey frank…once I quit laughing.