He has a future in British steel

Not very often to I wake up first thing in the morning and say WTF? OK, so if you worked for Mercury, good for you, but if you worked for Alliance, Financial, United, I can’t even think of the names of all the companies in Arizona, Texas and Oregon that got hosed, fergetaboutit. And the judge saying Mercury was flush for being bankrupt? Dude. THERE’S A REASON THEY’RE FLUSH. Would somebody’s attorney please direct Hizzoner to PBE?

This morning Dolphyngyrl was having some fun with the Wine Dog. Sharing.

[youtube w3qFdbUEq5s]

These people are voting. Just sayin’.

I think I’m going to start doing a link dump every so often. I get tons of great stuff that I don’t necessarily want to comment about. (Who am I kidding? I have something to say about everything) OK I don’t have time to comment about it, so I might just link dump. It might be a new feature, like The Google key words of the weak. Case in point, great article over on the Housing Blog. Somebody confirm though, FTC in Bakersfield becoming CTI? Or the other way around? Or is this something like the Concord Title Group, where it’s multi branding title operations under one roof? And while I’m busy link dumping (see I just had to say something about it) Dolphyngyrl sent me this too. Which I think will get me to where I think I need to go next today.

I know I’ve been a bit behind in getting things up here. Some days I can be totally on it and other days I’m a little behind the eight ball. So here’s the dealio. Back in the winter after the seven or eight flu brought on by the stress of working for the Amateur Manager, I decided I needed to get out. So I went to DVC and did all the classes I needed to in order to get my real estate license. Two weeks after class ended I took the DRE exam. No weekend class, no review class nothing. Took it cold. And passed it. After two months of bowing to the DRE gods, Arnie’s Executive Order and kissing a lot of DRE butt they finally inputted the tiny piece of paper that they were missing and I could do business. The Amateur Manager actually made the transition a little easier, I’ve got a State stipend to help get this party going. I wish he’d waited a few weeks but truth be told, I needed the rest. I’ve been doing REO work for about a month now. This sort of work is labor intensive and I start around 5am, take a break to go to the gym and go usually until either I sneak out for a bike ride around 1 or 2pm or until dinner. Then I go back at it until around 9pm, because on top of being labor intensive, the learning curve is like scaling Half Dome. And I’m having the time of my life. So sometimes I’m behind on the missives I get from PBE’s gentle readers because I just don’t have time at that moment to get it up on the site propertly. I have learned how to click through the alerts and pull out the good ones at a red light on my iphone. Another by-product of all this is somehow in one short month I have learned to drive like a Realtor. (Yeah, I have the designate) Yesterday I pulled three illegal U-Turns and ran a red light after waiting alone in the intersection for seemingly forever for it to turn. My car is littered with Starbuck’s cups, empty water bottles and scraps of paper with important notes scrawled on them. It desperately needs to go to the car wash. The blue and white propeller cover on the wheel fell off somewhere between Pleasanton, Dublin, Brentwood and Knightson yesterday. I noticed it missing in Brentwood. Yet another reason to be pissed off at Wheel Works. They’re going to say it isn’t their fault, even though they’re the only ones who have had the front wheels off of that thing in the last year. Just like the freaking light that won’t go off isn’t their fault. A happy customer tells three people. An unhappy customer posts their discontent out on a web page read by over a thousand people a day. Nice going boys. Speaking of stats, PBE blew past 100k and we’re almost to 150k hits with visits increasing incrementally. So thanks for stopping by and visiting our little freakshow. I appreciate it.