Fan mail from some flounder?

Never underestimate the value of a little grease. I knew I needed to tend to my bike, but I’ve been wicked busy. So I’ve let it slide. Thursday evening I noticed the chain grease on my calf. I lean the bike against that leg at stop lights. It hadn’t come off in the shower. So I got a grease rag and wiped down the chain this morning before I left. It was disgusting. Then I put my chain lube on the chain, ran it around backwards a few times. Lifted up the bike, ran it around forwards a few times and off I went. It’s probably been a month since the bike’s been that quiet. Yet, another bonehead move on my part. After Thursday’s adventure and a bit of nipping from the Old Woman I decided to scale back today’s ride. I just did the Ygnacio loop. I was going to do 35 miles but I decided a quick loop was a better move. Heartrate never got over 119 until Ygnacio where it ran at 135-142. Got up the hill in 9:31, keeping in mind that the goal is the break my July 5 8:42 mark. The whole ride was 1:03:47 one of the quickest runs on the Ygnacio loop to date.

OldTitleGuy sent me some jewels last night. This one’s beautiful. The US Trustee flat out says that Mercury has only one operating company and it’s assets consist of land and a corporate jet. Oh, my goodness! Patty flying commercial? What is this world coming to? Here’s the other jewel. Nuff said.

I could go on for days on this Veep selection, but at the end of the day, I’ve got just one thing to say. Tom Eagleton. Enjoy your 18 days. They’re going to realize pretty quickly here that they should have gone with Fiorina or one of the Whitmans if they really want a woman or a plethora of other actually qualified candidates. Like him or hate him, Biden was the most qualified for that ticket. They may even realize that their guy’s life expectancy isn’t so sporty and they need someone who’s going to be able to step in. Asking the American people to buy this slop is really pushing the limits. When stuff like this happens I always stop in to see what Andrew Sullivan has to say. I’ve watched him just get killed on Bill Maher and still stand in there and take the hits. I’m most interested in how he gets to where he gets in his decision making process. While I’m certain that he really is a true conservative, I always equate gay conservatives to Jew for Hitler. It just doesn’t work. Still, I respect his thought process, one of these days he’ll get over the self loathing thing. But the point here, and there is a point is, well, this. I give the guy credit for being a true conservative. He links to a 2006 vetting document. You can’t make a silk purse out of moose pizzle.