Think he even did a little time in the slammer

Today is a very special post. It’s not like I have anything more profound to impart or anything. I’m a big fan of milestones, dates, anniversaries…crap like that. Today’s post is the one thousandth PBE missive. It better be freaking good. So let’s start with me being an idiot. It’s certainly my favorite subject, worthy of it’s own category, yet one thousand posts later, still lacking.

I mentioned that I was sick on Wednesday. Suffice it to say that hydration was an issue yesterday. Having not eaten anything more than an umeboshi plum and a bowl of rice for 24 hours I took precautions yesterday. I skipped the gym, ate my oats, ate a mid morning snack and had some lunch. Then at 1:30 I took off for my bike ride. OK, it was already 98 degrees when I left the house, I took a bottle of electrolyte replacement and a bottle of water. Heck it was only a 13.74 mile ride. The Ygnacio circle route fergodsakes. I got off the hill and good order hitting 40 on the downhill. Then as I came up on the first major turn my legs were a little wobbley. Not so good, but I can work with it. I took some gel with me so I took a hit of the gel. Better, I tell myself. As I get to the halfway mark I realize that I just don’t have my mojo today at all. So I take another hit of gel, have some Accelerade and struggle along the golf course. I now know I’m in trouble. I decide to stop under a tree, mostly because my heart rate is too high for the amount of effort I’m putting forth. It should have been around 119 and it was running around 135. That’s a good reason to pull up under a shade tree and take a time out. There is no shame in time outs. Especially when your heart rate supports it. I got it down to 119 but it wasn’t going under that. So after about five minutes I started up the hill. My quickest time is 8:42 but that was a month ago. I did 9:07 last week. I look at my watch and I’m at 3:32 and I’ve got Gumby legs. I tell myself one more minute and then stop under the shrub oak. I barely make it. I’m back around 157 now. The highest I normally get is 152, so I know thing aren’t going well. I drink some more water and take off again. I’m past the hardest part and while the next part is a climb, it’s not as steep. Then I get a chill. My head is freezing, then my back, then I have goosebumps all down my arms. I know this isn’t good, I just need to crest the hill and there’s no more shade between me and the crest. I make it, coast down and get home. As I pass CSUEB I see there sign. 2:47 103 degrees. I’m freezing. So I google a bit and figure out that I need a cool, not cold shower and a lot of fluids. I follow the instructions and start to feel a little better. Adding some frozen yogurt helped and I was back in business. Wow you might say. Or maybe not. Don’t worry there’s more to this story. I belong to an organization of women on the web. There’s 1500 members roughly. Last night was the monthly meeting at a wine bar in SF. How could I miss that? I couldn’t. I got there and there was exactly one other gal there. So when in Rome…the Wine Dog is drinking. Three great wines. Bergstram “Cumberland Reserve”. They got a 91 from Wine Spectator on this little bad boy. It’s not your fruity Russian River fair. This is a big beefy Willemette Valley Pinot. Depth and richness, berries chocolate and spice. Very nice wine. I had this in a pairing with a Balletto Pinot. This one was bright like a Russian River Pinot with dancing fruit. It’s light and round all at the same time. Two very different but very good wines. I finished up with an Unti Syrah. Deep smoky blackberries, velvet mouthfeel. I really love their wines…but guys…hire a web designer. Please. Anyway, after the previous days adventures and the cycling adventure, a wine adventure was a bad idea. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was pretty funny, and those people will never ever see me again. Thank God.